Mom asking daughter for money


My granddaughter 17 lives with her dad (my son). Sees her mom maybe once every 2-3 months. Mom lives about an hour away CA time. Granddaughter took her mom to dinner on mon after mother’s day. Brought gd home and asked gd for gas money.

over the years I have given granddaughter gifts and extra money at Xmas and on BDs only to find her mom took the money from gd.

I see a problem starting here. Mom will be forever asking gd for money.

how can we, her dad and I teach gd to not be so generous with her mom. I know being generous is good but her mom needs to take care of herself.

advive anyone?

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There is probably nothing you can do. She is still young and probably doesn't want to to cause any ill feeling with her mom since she sees her so infrequently as it is. She will eventually find out mom is a leach.

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Hope you are right but I know her mom.

still hope.

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might change when GD starts to support herself.

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