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Kitchen remodel,.... Help, what would you change ??

Nancy Young
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

We are remodeling our kitchen,

Which layout do you Like #1 or2 ??, & Why ( WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE ? )

Layout #3 is the existing kitchen

From the kitchen ( straight Below>> Dining room, Above right >> glassed in Porch, right > den )

Here is our wish list.

- *******Good Functional layout that has an esthetic Balanced appearance.*****

-open up the entry way to the the Dining room below And some to the Den to the right,

-Larger window to enjoy the view through the pouch ( above right )

-plenty of counter space around the sink /range or cooktop. ( induction)

-Miele combi steam oven, plumbed

panel ready built-in fridge ( wondering if in Layout #2 Fridge, blocks the view too much as you
enter the kitchen from the above left )

Good traffic flow for my wife & I cooking in & guests around the kitchen.

Comments please & what would you change ??

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