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I need advice how to place furniture, wall picture in our living room?

4 years ago

Hello to everyone,

I need advice how to place furniture , wall decors that room will look nice.

I don't like furniture I have right now.

Our room very small, and I tried to change the chair and sofa location - but it's doesn't' do any better. Not sure if I need corner unit instead those two furniture pieces ?

What I think looks bad is that all furniture stays against the wall and all furniture same height?

Also I try to place the big wall painting ( with cars) on every possible space on wall, could find the right spot for it. Just gave up at this point.

All furniture look at the TV ( the last image) .

Please, can anybody make suggestion what would be the best furniture for this small place and how it must be place . May be piano must be move away, but it stays nest to the window ( balcony) .

That space not really functional at all( the balcony window) .

I just need help

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