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Need ideas and suggestions for placing furniture in living room.

Hi guys. I've just moved in a new flat and I'm trying to make multifunctional room as living room and place to work at home. I'm not sure that it's a good way how I placed furniture in the room. I'm trying to separate space with sofa and tv from the working part. Any better suggestions to this?

Also the light in the room is not satisfying me. It's a bit too much light from the lamp near the table but without it it's super dark to sit there in the evening. Any suggestions?

Also I think about changing sofa/some boxes in shelve or anything that you'll suggest to make it look nicer. I was thinking about Landskrona sofa maybe(in attachment). I like scandinavian design but I can't change carpet in the room because it goes with flat for example.

Here are photos of the room at night and day time. Sorry it's still a bit cluttered after moving.

The idea of furniture placement

Photos in the evening

Photos in the daytime

My sofa idea LANDSKRONA from Ikea

Thanks in advance!

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