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Tiny holes on Taj Mahal & What else to watch out for before paying?

JF JFroject
5 years ago

Hi, I figured I may as well start a thread regarding stuff to watch out for before paying for your slab in particular Taj Mahal.

I put on hold 2 Taj Mahal quartzite slabs But these 2 as well as the other Taj Mahal slabs have tiny holes, not a lot, the size of a grain of rice. An elongated 1 /8 th of an inch size. I may have read somewhere that this is normal?

Is it possible that there are cracks that I can’t see but are there? Cracks that are a continuation of the tiny rice-sized pits? After all, the resin at edges are holding the slab tightly. Just being paranoid . So what should we, non-technical people, watch out for?

Or how about some smudge or could be scratches on surface that seemed to have come from transport or moving around the slab in the warehouse. I think most of the slabs I,ve seen have this. But then, the salesman took my car key and tried to scratch-test my slab, and the key’s metal left gray streaks, yet stone was not scratched.

Meeting a great fabricator today. Could be the one. Will ask them too about this issue.

I know from this forum a lot of eager homeowners/remodelers buy their slabs long before having a fabricator. Thanks all.

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