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Wallpaper removal problems - repairing drywall damage

6 years ago

I'm working on removing wallpaper from my kitchen, but it was unfortunately applied to non-primed drywall, so removal is causing massive damage. The top layer of the drywall is peeling off with the wallpaper backing, despite my best efforts and use of commercial glue stripper (WP Chomp), and leaving behind a severely damaged brown paper drywall surface. I plan to skim coat over this, but my question is whether joint compound will adhere to this surface? Do I prime it first? I was thinking of using Kilz oil based primer.

Moving forward, the top layer of the wallpaper comes off relatively well, leaving behind a mostly intact wallpaper backing layer. Can I prime over the backing instead of removing it (to avoid damaging the drywall), apply skim coat, then paint? Will the backing material bubble? Would putting adhesive or shellac on the backing layer prevent bubbling?

What about not even removing the wallpaper at all? I've heard of priming over paper, skim coating, then priming and painting again, but I'm not sure if, for one, the wallpaper is strong enough to hold up a new surface, and two, if this is an option over my particular wallpaper, which is textured. I'm not sure what the material is, but it is very porous and dates to 1992.

Good advice is appreciated! Please and thank you!

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