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Can we get away with mixing these two styles and finisin our bathroom?

6 years ago
Installing a pendant light over our pedestal tub and am trying to find vanity wall sconces to mix with the pendant which is already purchased. See first photo. Since it is a bathroom shared by my wife and me, she doesn’t want to go too glam on the sets of vanity lights. We will have separate 4’ vanities. Hers is across from the pedestal tub. See second picture of bath layout. The third picture is similar to what we have in mind for the look except the floor and shower will be a marble look tile. Cabinets will be white but we haven’t decided on granite for vanity tops yet nor do we have faucets picked out but will have a sliding glass door with either brushed or polished nickel hardware based on the discussion resulting from this post. The fourth picture is of the wall sconces my wife likes but is afraid might be mixing styles and finishes too much. She’s unsure if she can get away with chrome/polished nickel also since the pendant is brushed nickel but is very bright with the glass and interior lights. The vanity lights will be placed on either side of mirror. We agree we are dead set against over the mirror lights, me because of wanting light for shaving and her because she doesn’t like the shadows cast from overhead sconces. Hopefully this sets a complete stage for your help in making a decision. Thanks!

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