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How do I thank my contractor, mid-job, design screw up

6 years ago
So we screwed up on the design of two windows. Before framing my contractor asked if we were sure about the height/size of the windows and we said ‘Yes!’ I don’t know what my hubby and I were thinking but when I saw the window framed out, I didn’t like it. Windows were too high, too small and made no sense. But we decided to stay on course (my husband was against changing and thought it looked fine). I figured I’d get used to it and it only looked odd because it was framing only. So we ordered windows, and then wiring went in, and then they prepped for stucco and so on. I would internally cringe every time I saw that wall. We’re about finish low voltage today and start insulating tomorrow. I mentioned how much I hate that wall to my contractor this morning and how this would be something that would bother me, and something that my husband would never agree to pay to correct since it didn’t bother him at all. And asked if we could do some decorative molding or something to make it look like it wasn’t just a bad mistake. He said he’d look at it. A few hours later, he called and said that there wasn’t any decorative fix for this...and gave me an early house warming gift of two larger windows at his cost. They moved the wiring today, will work around this area for drywall until we get the taller windows in 10 days. Without charging us...without delaying the timeline. I started crying while talking to him. What can I do, right now, to thank him?? Help!

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