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Exterior house color for a colonial

4 years ago

We are getting ready to paint our house. I’ve never loved the color so I am excited for the change! Exterior is currently a tan color with stone facade on the lower level. Back of house is all shake siding in tan. Originally the house was white with black shutters. I am contemplating going back to this scheme but am looking for opinions. Front door is currently black, garage door is black (can’t paint garage door), roof is gray. Previous color was a blue/gray color (only saw in pictures). I REALLY want to do black windows eventually bc I think they’re fab but that won’t happen for a few years.

There are three houses on our street and we are in middle. One house is light gray with black shutters and red door, one is white with greenish shutters and white door. House at corner also white with stone lower level, black shutters and red door. I don’t want all the houses to be the same but they are pretty! Any thoughts?

Pics of house when it was white/black shutters

Current pic

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