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Bathroom Renovation

6 years ago

Hi, We are going to renovate our master bath and I would like some input. The house was built in 2000 and the bathroom is a builders special. White fiberboard cabinets, separate vanities, corner garden tub, stall shower with pan, horrible lighting and huge mirrors. Oh, I forgot, carpet on the floor!

We are gutting everything, even the toilet and tile in the toilet room. I am meeting with a contractor on Monday. My husband has given me carte blanche (within our budget, 10-12K), except he wants light colored cabinets, keep separate vanities and no rain head shower. Our bathroom is about 10'/12' mostly square, but with one corner on and angle (we have double doors that open to our bedroom). There is a separate room for the toilet, and where the shower is now is an alcove above the 12 foot length. The ceiling is vaulted.

I want to have a corner tiled shower where the garden tub is now. The garden tub is basically useless and dominates the room. However, there is a window in the corner that will have to be inside the shower. I want that window replaced with frosted glass or glass blocks. Is that doable?

Where the shower is currently, I want to put an alcove bath. I like to take baths and I'm looking at the soaker tubs that have the drain on top. I see there are some affordable whirlpools and wonder if they are worth it or if the installation costs will blow up my budget.

I am looking at semi-custom cabinets by HDC (Home Depot Brand). I like the ability to have different configurations and matching linen closet and also an over the toilet cabinet that will match. We have a strange configuration of cabinets now, his vanity has three door cabinets and is about 55 inches. Mine is two door cabinet and a vanity desk, which I'm giving up in favor of a tall linen closet. Our bathroom has zero storage for towels. If I can use these, the cost is only about $2200. I do need tops but I think I can get some pre-made for about $300 each. Each vanity will be about 48 inches wide.

I want to have radiant floor heating. Our bathroom is built above the garage and is cold as hell. We like to keep our bedroom cool, and I don't want to have to heat up the whole top floor to get heat in the bathroom. This is a priority.

I would like to have marble tile on the floors and walls. I have checked Home Depot and they have some affordable marble that looks nice, about $5 a square foot. I also saw some decorative tile that I can get a few pieces of to give the bathroom some individuality.

Is all this doable with the 10-12K? I want the bathroom to look nice and be functional. I'm not super concerned about style, except I don't want any chrome fixtures. What are some questions/concerns I should bring up with the contractor? Thanks for any help or input.

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