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Help me choose bar stools and neighboring dining chairs

Cassi Cook
5 years ago
Hey all! I can’t figure out what stools to by for my counter height bar in kitchen. They are right next to a round glass table and I’m not sure how to coordinate the two without being too matchy matchy but also not being so different they are enemies in the space. I like to think I’m mostly a modern-boho girl but i like a whole lot of everything so my eclectic vibe makes its harder to tackle what fits without it looking whack. I have attached some pictures (1) my kitchen. I like that the stools are white, bringing back in the upper cabinets but i think they are a little too modern for me (2) my neighboring round table (you can see the stools peaking ok left side of pic). I moved those patterned chairs into my formal doing room because I wanted taller chairs at this table (3) pic of the option one for dining chairs, wicker chairs - and some ideas for bar stools (4) option two for dining chairs, simple navy velvet, and some ideas for bar stools. WHICH CHAIRS, WHICH STOOLS? And if you have other ideas let’s hear (and see) it. Thanks!

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