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My Spring Shipment Experience from Four Winds Growers

Denise Becker
5 years ago

About a week ago, I received an entry level New Zealand Lemonade tree and a premium Minneola.

The New Zealand Lemonade is not much bigger than an 18" stick the width of a pencil with 1 branch off to the side. The trunk has some rough edges on the root stock from poor trimming. You would think somebody had twisted the branches off . The two good things about It was that it had a nice root system on it and I no longer have to dream of owning one.

The Minneola is a lovely tree with a nice canopy and lots of blossoms on it. The root system matches the canopy, real nice.

Today I received a premium Eureka and it's a big disappointment for the price. It's half the size of my Minneola's canopy in height and width. The root system is the size of my fist just like last year's Gold Nugget.

I am angry and disappointed at the same time because of the cost involved. I paid for a premium tree that was a tiny bit bigger than an entry level tree and received a 3 gallon pot of dirt which was not worth shipping of $35. The roots were very shallow and the bottom of the support stake was exactly where the roots ended depth wise. My lesson learned and would like to pass on to you is not to order early in the spring time because nurseries probably upgrade their plants into the next larger size pot if they need it or not. A friend of mine ordered a grapefruit tree and the same thing happened to her. I understand that nurseries have no idea when certain trees will be shipped out and the roots need space to grow for the upcoming growing season. If I had thought this through instead of being so impatient, I would have waited until September. I paid $35 for $17 pounds for dirt and a huge cardboard box. So disappointed in Four Winds with this as well as other stuff.

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