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GE Cafe vs. Bosch Benchmark Wall Oven

6 years ago

Looking for help in deciding on an electric double wall oven. I think I have it narrowed down to two choices but am having a hard time making a final decision. Right now I am considering the Bosch Benchmark with the side swing door and the GE Café French Door oven. The oven will sit beside a 5 door Kitchen Aid refrigerator. I have measured the clearance for the oven door openings and I would be able to open the swing doors of both to about 110 degrees. I would not be able to open them to the full 180 degrees because of the proximity of the refrigerator and a wall on the other side of the oven. I have been able to see both ovens at a local store and have been able to replicate the max amount the doors would be able to open.

Just as an FYI the other appliances in the kitchen are an 800 series Bosch Dishwasher, Bosch Microwave and a GE Café Induction cooktop and all are standard stainless steel.

Weighing the pros and cons of each:

GE Café


· Look of the French Oven Door with the handles and manual dials would fit with my kitchen and look good next to the refrigerator

· WiFi Connectivity

· Convection where the air is pulled through the top cavity and re-circulated

· 3 Halogen lights

· Overall power of the broiler and oven


· Is a GE Oven which does not carry the same name as higher end ovens (Resale value)

· Full Extension and regular oven racks feel flimsy compared to other brands

Bosch Benchmark


· The overall feel of the oven door as it closes is very solid

· A single side door would open towards the wall which would not interfere with the refrigerator.


· Reviews online have complained about the electronics and the extreme venting of heat out the front

· Does not have French Door handles

Below is the refrigerator the oven would be next to.

The location of my current oven and the refrigerator.

Any feedback either positive or negative is appreciated. I usually don’t struggle with appliance decisions like I have with this one. All my other choices were pretty easy.

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