Front door with sidelights or without sidelights?

3 years ago

We are getting ready to order our front door. Our front porch/portico is 11.5' wide. We are debating between a 36" front door with 18" sidelights or a 42" door with no sidelights. The front door design has a half lite window in both options.

We are doing board and batten siding. My concern with the door with sidelights is that there won't be much space for many battens since the door would take up so much of the space. With the door only option, there would be more battens that could go all the way up and down that wall (providing a bit more interest). However, we had always planned on doing sidelights... seems like the extra natural light inside would be nice.

I've considered using a different siding material in the alcove where our front door sits - like white brick - which would allow for a different texture in that area with the board and batten everywhere else. However, not sure what will look best.

Any opinions?

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