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Experience with microclover? New construction yard

6 years ago

Hello everyone, I've been over on the Home Forums side of Houzz, but just discovered the Garden Forums treasure trove!

I have a new construction home in a rural area (so HOAs or annoyed neighbors is not a problem for us). Our contractor used that grass seed/straw roll-out "blankets" instead of sod, which was fine with us, as we weren't exactly sure what we wanted to do with the yard at the time. Now that we've been here about 2 years, we've decided we don't want a grass lawn, and would much rather have some type of groundcover. Our yard is already being partially taken over by white clover, and I actually like it. However, it is tall, and I'd like something that is a bit lower. I read of "microclover" seed while perusing Google for alternative lawns. Anyone here have experience with it? Or using clover as an alternative to a grass lawn? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I'm open to any other suggestions as well. We're in zone 7b, east TN. West-facing yard, so full sun during afternoon hours. Thanks so much for your help!

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