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I need help! Dont know how to decorate or pick furniture/paint for LR

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Ok. So we bought this house with an interesting layout. When you walk in there is a random sunroom with a wood ceiling. When we moved in, there was wood paneling on the wall with fireplace. I hated it so I painted over it. I know nothing about choosing paint colors. There is tons of natural light. Our diningdining room is oversized.

So my MIL pride's herself in decorating. She is really good, and she lives in an artsy area with a brick bungalow that looks great with bright colors and vintage stuff. Our area is not like that as much. We are still in kind of an artsy area but the houses around us are more modern.

So she decided to come over and buy us stuff which we really appreciate. She thinks the style of our house should be shabby chic or eclectic. She gets all if our stuff from antique stores and I was too nervous to say anything. Then she wanted to make our house colorful and arty like hers. So she decided a blue accent wall would hit the spot. So we painted that. A few weeks later I walked in the living room and saw this, in my opinion, hideous chair. I had left my door unlocked and when I came home it was sitting in the living room. She was so proud of it. I felt bad but it was kindkind of the last straw and I said something and that I would rather have quality vs quantity. So I put it in the garage and took the mirrors down. She is obviously not happy but it is ultimately our house. We don't really know what furniture, paint or "style" we want in our hoyse. Whatever looks best. We are not country people. Me and my husband want to go furniture shopping when they are out of town lol and pay her back for the furniture, it waswasn't expensive. Now she says we don't have the money to pain paint the rest of the house so the blue wall is just there. But we want to make it look nice.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have no clue what I'm doing. I would like to make it look to the best of its potential and give a wow factor, probably more modern because I fall in love with houses on Zillow for sale, or apartment models.models.again I have no clue where to start. Looking for coffee table, couch colors, curtain colors everything everythineverything and want it all to match.

Any opinions old be greatly appreciated :)

And we are a younger married couple with one daughter

These photos are all before we moved in:

The furniture we had when we moved in:

My MILs first furniture replacement and renovation

Her second round of stuff:

And the 3rd-with the

I put a lot of the stuff in the garage and am trying to turn the living room into more of model looking living room/tarhet style/best of its potential.

But I have no clue what "style" I should go for!!

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