Don’t know what paint to choose! Help!!

Stephanie Kendrick
last month
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Hi everyone! Im in need of some advice. Im just not sure what off white paint to choose or a slightly darker paint to choose for my decor. Its for a dining room that connects to the kitchen. So all one big space. I want to lighten the paint currently on the walls and make everything light and airy without it being too cold and sterile. I am currently trying to update and slightly modernize a house that had a very outdated tuscan kitchen. We switched out the previous darker beige kitchen backsplash to a more modern white subway tile with the hopes that the granite can be changed out to a lighter color in the future. Im confused if I should choose a cool toned paint to match the furniture or if i need a warm toned paint to match the warm wood floors and cabinets.

I like BM Swiss Coffee, but am worried it will be too warm for the very cool grey blue furniture and white subway tile. I kind if like BM Dove white but not sure if it will be too white. I cant tell by just the swatch. Im open to other colors, but I dont really want to go green, blue or too beige. Ive also put up Classic Grey and Gray Mist but they were a bit to grey. I also tried Agreeable Grey but it was much darker then I want to go. Im loosing my mind trying to figure this out. Sorry for the bad quality photos. I tried haha.

Kitchen view from dining room

View from other side

Current paint samples. Top to Bottom White Dove, Pearly White, Swiss Coffee. On the right is Dove Wing.

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