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Baked Beans or Cheesy Potatoes or Cheesy Corn?

6 years ago

I'm doing a thank you luncheon for about 40 people in a couple of weeks. Both males and females will be attending. The menu so far:

Pulled pork with BBQ sauce (on the side)


oil and vinegar sweet and sour coleslaw

Chocolate sheet cake/white Texas sheet cake

I am in a quandary as to my other side.

Baked beans (how we do them in the midwest -- canned pork and beans doctored up with molasses, brown sugar, BBQ sauce, onion, mustard and baked for about 3 hours)

Cheesy Potatoes: That potato casserole with hash browns, cheese, sour cream, a canned soup (and I forget what else) that are also known as "Funeral Potatoes" that are baked.

Cheesy Corn: Frozen corn with cream cheese, cheese and often served in KC BBQ places.

Which do you think would be the best side?

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