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Remodeling Potential of Smaller Home

Eliza Alve
4 years ago

Hi there-

I just discovered this website and I'm unsure about posting - I don't see any pinned-posts laying out the rules..

I am considering purchasing this house

(This link is my "is this against the rules" concern.)

It's cute, small (it's me and my dog!), in a spectacular neighborhood, and I'm hoping I can eventually get the price a good deal lower (it's been on the market at the current price for ~4-5 months).

But, the layout is weird. I would be getting it to be my long-term home (as opposed to my current starter-home). The attic is very big and parts are halfway finished - I could make it into my bedroom/bathroom.

My question to you all - the way it's laid out, it seems to me that I'd have a difficult (read: expensive) time making a more open floorplan for the kitchen. There is a bathroom to one side (I love a full downstairs bath, but why is this in between the kitchen and dining room?!), and stairs to the attic/basement on the other side. I'd love to have my kitchen be open to the dining room or at least be big enough to make an eat-in area.

More specific questions to you: are there any fashionable ways to push the kitchen back to incorporate the stairs (ie the stairs would be free-standing in the middle of the kitchen and I'd take out that one downstairs bedroom)? Or, would it cost me an arm and a leg to get rid of that downstairs bathroom and put a half bath somewhere else? Obviously if I redid the upstairs, that's not cheap. My budget isn't extremely tiny, but I don't want to spend $100k on remodeling either.

Or even - are there commercial businesses that I can hire to come up with potential renovations for *before* I purchase a house?!

Thank you for any advice. I really have no experience with homes and am hopeful for your insight. And of course, please let me know if it is a major sin to have posted a link to a home for sale.


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