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115 y/o Hardwood Floor - Seriously Beaten - How to fill gaps and paint

Nick Patrick
4 years ago

These floors have seen better days! They have been sanded so many times that the groove on a lot of the boards is paper thin or completely missing. Dirt and gunk has taken over the void below. I need to advice to patch these gaps so that I can paint them and salvage what is left of these things. I began digging the wood filler out. Ideas are either replace with 2 part Elmer’s epoxy wood filler or maybe cut hardwood and nail in? (no subfloor). Then paint after.

The professional's told me only thing to do is to replace. I need your advice!!! Thanks

Pic 1: With original wood filler

Pic 2: Same area, dug out wood filler and started to clean

Pic 3: Another fun area

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