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Window/door trim: how important is matching every room?

Stacey Collins
14 years ago

Hi all-

Can anyone comment on this?

Our house was built in 1956 and has unusual original trim: it's about 3.25" wide with very rounded (radiused) edges on both the inside and outside of the board, with mitered corners. Otherwise quite plain, no beading, no moldings, etc.

An addition (master BR and bath) was added in the 90's and they used cheap, narrow "builder special" "colonial" trim in there.

Here's the thing: we shuffled the LR/DR/kitchen around and in doing so removed about half of the window/door openings with the original trim. We just shuffled walls in the addition and removed about half of those. Plus the ugly colonial trim in the addition (can you tell how much I dislike it?) was badly prepped by the PO and latex won't stick to it without some major sanding now.........

SO- I am seriously considering ripping off the colonial stuff (amounts to 4 windows and 4 doors) and replacing with new trim when I trim out the rest of the new windows and doors we added.

But the question is what to use for trim! if I were starting from scratch I would use super-plain 1x5 boards with butted corners. Very plain, farmhouse-cottagey. We're re-doing the exterior in "Kennebunker" cedar shakes, seaside cottage-style, and the interior is sort of transitional, I guess (cherry shaker and carrara kitchen, hardwoods, open spaces, vintage modern furniture mixed with antiques, pale neutral walls, art.)

But I already have the rounded and mitered original trim in some parts of the house and I can't afford to re-do it ALL.

One option would be to use the 1x5 boards and do a bit or a radius on the outside edge of the board, to reference the older stuff, but leave the inside edge square for simplicity and ease. Do you think I need to miter the corners????? I could butt them and then rout the end of the horizontals in place. That would be a lot easier to install (I will be doing this project and am NOT a finish carpenter...) but the "old" stuff is mitered. How hard is it to get good miters?

Would YOU notice that the trim was slightly different room-to-room??

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