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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in serious distress, HELP!

6 years ago

I purchased this plant around June of 2017 from Walmart. It had looked lush and healthy up until the beginning of autumn around October when it started developing brown crispy spots on the leaves. I figured this was just from a bad watering schedule and attempted to improve that by watering it on a more consistent basis. That didn't seem to help it improve and it continued to look rough all through the winter, losing leaves and developing more brown spots. I know plants go dormant during this season so I decided not to make any changes till the start of spring. Fast-forward to last week, what I thought was an OK time weather-wise to re-pot, when I bought a bag of miracle grow moisture retaining (?) potting soil and moved him (yes, I call it a him) over to a new, slightly bigger pot. While doing this I lightly loosened his roots and carefully placed him in his new home. The soil felt moist so I've only watered him a bit since then. Anyways even after the new pot, new soil, water, and dusted leaves he looks so haggard and even worse then before. All the leaves are so droopy and the stems of the leaves are very wrinkled. The main stem feels ok though.

One quick thing I will mention is that the room I keep him in gets pretty chilly in the winter but I have protective plastic over the windows to help lock warmth in and cold out. But winter looked like it was coming to an end so I got a little too excited and took the coverings off the windows a few days before I re-potted my Fiddle Leaf Fig. Then, days later, the weather digressed dramatically and therefore the temperature in my room dropped about 10 or more degrees.

Hopefully I added enough details to explain the problem, if not I will also add pictures. Any recommendations on what I can do to help him would be greatly appreciated! Hoping he's not too far gone to save!

Before - how it looked over the summer

After - took these just now

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