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Help - furniture placement challenges!

Hi all, longtime lurker, first time poster.

I've just finished renovations which included knocking a wall down from my sitting room to my dining room. This now leaves one wall with a fireplace and the opposite wall for the TV. My family of 5 uses this room to sit by the fire, watch TV and gather. We also have a much larger more formal living room past the dining room for when we have guests. There is also access to the dining room from the entryway.

The dining room seats 8 and the kitchen the island with plenty of seating. I'm also contemplating adding a small round table by the kitchen windowseat area to create more of an eat in kitchen as an additional seating option to the island. I don't need more table/dining space.

Given how we tend to use the space, how would you arrange the furniture here? I was originally thinking 4 swivel chairs on rockers with a coffee table in the middle, but the space is just too small. What about 2 large slipcover chairs on swivels facing each with a coffee table or ottoman between them, with the ability to aim them towards the TV wall, or the fireplace, on swivels? I could really use your collective wisdom!

View to island/kitchen:

View of problem room from kitchen - dining room on other side

View from room to window seat / island:

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