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Need Furniture Placement Help and Decorating Help- Family Room

13 years ago

Here is my 20x20 family room, the room of windows. We are updating our TV and getting rid of the entertainment center... the new 50-52 flat screen is going to be ordered soon.

I am looking for advice on how to lay out the entertainment and flow of this family room. This room flows right off the kitchen. The slider goes to a deck. The TV has always been in this corner, but it will seem to far from the couch in today's more intimate media watching experiences. Plus the corner wall thing, I'm not will work with the flat panel TV.

I need some fresh ideas, fresh eyes. THe couch is a LARGE leather sectional, that can me moved to the basement and new furniture will be purchased. I've shown all the walls, and wall option. The room is a complete square, but in every wall it has a middle placed item (fireplace, slider, doorway).

ANy ideas at all would be greatly appreciated!

We are in the process of renovating our kitchen, beige tiles and stainless steel appliances. Also looking for a way to create a better island space and cut out the penisular... but thats another post :)

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