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White kitchen cabinet color to go with BM White Dove walls and trim

4 years ago

My husband and I are in the final stretch of our renovation and we need help picking a kitchen cabinet color. We used BM White Dove on all the walls and trim in our house and plan to use the same in the kitchen. We ordered new shaker kitchen cabinets that we will be painting. Our floors are reclaimed hardwood. We'd like some shade of white or very close to white on the kitchen cabinets. Any suggestions? I'm think some color white with a hint of another color (olive, gray, yellow) would be a good choice, so long as it still looks very light and bright and, most importantly, goes with the White Dove.

I'm hesitant to choose White Dove again for the cabinets because I feel it might look too white. So if not White Dove, I want to make sure whatever shade of white I use for the cabinets goes perfectly with the White Dove. I don't want to end up with white cabinets that look like we tried to match the White Dove on the walls and failed. Any help or thoughts are welcome! Our style is very crisp and clean, without being quite modern, and sprinkles of natural hues and textures.

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