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Family room furniture arrangement help :-)

5 years ago
Hi all - I'm working on changing the decor of my family room (I plan to paint, change curtains and art and I just found a possible area rug thanks to you lovely people). As long as I'm rethinking decor, I wanted to get some thoughts on layout. My family room is 12' x 17' with a fireplace at one end. We have a sofa and 2 accent chairs (I will likely replace or reupholster the red chair to something else but I'd like to keep a similar chair in the room). We currently have the two chairs flanking the TV, which makes for uncomfortable movie nights with our 3 boys.... someone is always sitting on the floor since it's difficult to see the TV from the chairs. I played around with moving the red chair next to the sofa at an angle - it blocks off the kids' bookshelf and the legs of the chair are completely off the area rug. It looks a little odd to me to look in from the kitchen and see the back and side of the red chair.

Is that a better overall layout for the room or could I do better? Flipping the sofa and TV stand doesn't help as there wouldn't be room for the leather chair near the fireplace, so we'd basically have the same issue.

I also tried tucking into the back corner with the bookshelf. It doesn't protrude nearly as much but also looks like it's been shoved in the corner.....which, I guess, it has

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