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Has anyone had success with growing Clematis Montana in a large pot?

6 years ago

I'm considering growing Clematis Montana in a large pot. I can bury the pot halfway in the ground as far as protecting its warmth in winter grows - I just wonder about its general ability to handle being stunted so to speak. I know you can do it with trees - stunt their growth - but before I waste a plant, has anyone tried this? There's a wonderful nursery in England that has a great selection of clematis that you can choose by height, by color, by species, it makes it so much easier to find my plants. I cannot find any jackmanni white flowers that can endure light shade but they have many that can endure shade, some can only live in shade and get huge. So question is, how about pots? I know I can wrangle the vines once it goes up the chimney and it doesn't bother me if it covers the house - the less of a square box I have to see the better. I saw on another chatroom a woman is growing a montana in a pot, but she put daylilies in it - that didn't work - so someone told her to take the daylilies out and that it needs 2 gallons of water a week - she said that helped. That's one forum. What does this forum think? I need at least 20 feet, and white or palish pink. So many places sold out already in the U.S. Thank you for ideas from people who actually are doing this. I tried this before with 3 clematis but I forgot to water them, and the heat killed them. I forgot the pots are black and they get really hot. That didn't work. So on my roses in pots, I spray painted the pots a light green shimmery color which actually cuts the heat way back on the pots. Also remembered compost and fertilizer. Learned from that mistake.

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