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Common Bermuda remaining in lawn.

Andrew (Sunset 24, USDA 10a)
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

So last year I sprayed my Bermuda lawn with Round Up for two cycles hoping it was gone before planting UC Verde plugs. I had this idealistic vision that UC verde buffalo grass would be low maintenance and require less water.

Although it did fill up my yard in 3 months, it turns out that it required a lot more care to get it up & running and requires more water than my Bermuda to keep it green. Now parts of the UC Verde lawn are yellow (not related to dormancy) and the Bermuda has popped up again (nice and green). Also the UC Verde buffalo grass didn't ever fill in the shadier spots (as expected).

Since then I put down Pearl's Premium seeds in the shady parts of the lawn and spots where the buffalo grass was yellow and it seems to be coming to life. In hindsight I should have just gone with Pearl's premium because it is so much less costly.

My question is the Bermuda eventually going to overtake everything (existing buffalo grass and pearl's premium)?

My only issue with common Bermuda grass is the texture and constant mowing. If the Bermuda grass is going to take over my entire lawn (eventually killing the buffalo grass and pearl's premium grass) then I rather seed some hybrid Bermuda (like Princess) now so that at least there will be hybrid in there.


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