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Looking to give more curb appeal without spending a ton of money

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I'm thinking I can maybe plant bougainvillea by the arch, but I'm reach not sure how to go about it. My husband pulled out a dying plant last night so I'd like to make the best out of the empty space with something that won't need much care and that can withstand the hot Florida days. If I do that should I also pull out the ficus to the left of the door area column (by the rain spout) and plant one there as well?

Around the mailbox I planted some mexican putunias that look gorgeous year round (they bloom every day pretty much all year long), but the rest of that space is very lacking. I keep buying mulch, but after a few months it is washed away. What else can I do? I prefer to avoid rock.

On the front porch I'd like to do a bench or some seating, but I can not for the life of me find anything I like that also that fits with my house style. I'm hoping to find something that won't rust and won't clash with all of the metals I have going on. I plan on changing the door handle/lock set to either a bronze color set to match the windows (no money to update these at the moment) or black to match the mailbox (HOA issued), and light fixtures (these must stay).

If you can post links to some items you suggest that would be amazing. A lot of times I really like some of your suggestions, but I am never able to find similar items in my local store or online. :)

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