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NuCore Vinyl Plank Newly Installed - Is Movement Normal?

Jacqueline Rumley
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago


I just got some NuCore Vinyl Plank (from Floor & Decor) installed last week. We had a small issue arise that the flooring previously was fairly thick, so the vinyl plank was too thin to meet the door casings. After discussing options with my contractor (to either replace all door casings, or raise floor up) we decided to raise floor up with a concrete board subfloor (it's a cement pad area). There was no pad/cushion installed, since this particular plank has the cork back (

Now I know I'm a little picky, but, there is definitely movement in the flooring when walking on it. You can feel the floor moving on certain planks. Is this normal? I have a bad feeling that the subfloor wasn't even or there are gaps, which now makes the vinly plank uneven. We had a floating floor before, but it was an engineering hardwood, it felt a lot more solid (well, no movement at all). With this you can really feel movement when walking around, is this normal? or will it settle? It's one of those feelings where you can put one foot on one plank and one on another and feel the movement/difference. Do I have any options? If it's a subfloor issue should we pull it up and even out the subfloor, or can we pull up the planks and glue them down? I realize we might get used to it, but it's really annoying right now and the fact it cost us $4500 for labor and materials I feel like I should be happier with it. From what I've read on here so far it just seems to talk about movement from temperature, which I don't think has anything to do with what we're noticing.

It sure is pretty though! Thanks for any help/advice..

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