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Andersen Doors Look Horrible

FWD Construction
4 years ago
I ordered 8 Andersen series 100 sliding doors from Home Depot and got them delivered today and am beyond livid with the quality. I ordered all black to go modern with the new trend and they shipped the doors out with the bottom trim and threshold taupe instead of black. It looks terrible! Nobody ever advised me prior to purchasing that these would be two different colors and it says nowhere online or in any of their brochures that these products come 2 colors. On top of that, the quality of the frame itself is defective with blisters all over the frames of 8 different sliding doors. To make things worse, Home Depot and Andersen won't do anything about this defective deceptive product. Andersen offered to sell me black paint. I'm not sure how you could paint the track of a door that it rolls on??? Has anyone else ran into this issue?

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