Need help designing mudroom/laundry room/main entrance

Jessica Bradbury
3 years ago

We need creative storage ideas as it’s our only area to store coats, shoes, gear. We have lots of gear (ski boots, xc ski boots, dirtbike boots....and so on). We don’t have kids yet but would like to design with that in mind. I will post the space and then some photos of what we were thinking. Thank you for all your help!!!

1. Laundry area (ceiling is higher on the right then the left): height on left is 107”, height on right is 117”, width is 64”, depth of half wall 39.5”

2. Back Wall with 1 window: 111” wide x 47” to bottom of window

3. Side wall beside front door with three little windows: 111” wide x 77” to bottom of window


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