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Writer's home office - help making it feel more spacious? (RUGS/WALL)

6 years ago

Hi! I've got a small home office which I use to write. It will always be rather messy by the nature of my work (yes, the crap on the floor is on purpose; the evil pea green walls are not), but it feels both claustrophobic/chaotic and austere. I want to make it feel both more spacious and cozy & inviting.

What wall color or treatment do you recommend? Would removing the picture rail and painting one tone to the ceiling make it feel more spacious? And what about the floor?

The limitations are that I often use the floor to organize material -- I LOVE beni ourains and shag rugs and wish I could have one in the room, but I need a flat-weave rug.

I love Navajo rugs. But I can only afford one MAX 3'x5', while 6'9 is the proper rug size for the room. Could I layer a smaller Navajo on a monochrome rug? Or would that make the room feel more chaotic?

Some images of rugs I liked below the pics of the office. The first six are room size. The rest would have to be layered, though I have no idea how to do that well. I would love your input!

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