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PLEASE help with preparing wood floor for LVT

b h
4 years ago

1ST the kitchen subfloor is wood, with imperfections & high/low spots. We will be putting down Us floors cortex LVT with cork backing.

Currently Contractor is sanding high spots.

Then he wanted to use hardboard in the kitchen to provide a smooth floor for LVT (us floors/cortex with cork backing). I read this is not a good idea for kitchen, is it? I didn't think this was a good idea, please let me know.....

I asked him to sand out all rough spots, and fill all holes or divits with patch compound. He doesn't seem to think that all holes and divits need to be filled? just the bigs ones?

Here are current pic of my floor, please that it is done correctly....

The contractor is still sanding... he will sand down this 1st picture.

but below he doesn't feel these divits need to be filled?

below: other than this rough spot is the rest of this floor ok

below: he also seems to think this is ok,

below: he doesn't think that this seems needs to be filled?

please help. ....1st there is a language barrier, and he isn't done sanding, (his other work has been very good) but........i am worried about this LVT floor prep. I feel it is important to get it straight now, before it's too late.......

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