Has anybody installed flooring by Artistry Hardwood Flooring? Cronin?

4 years ago

Hi all, I just discovered today that our flooring subcontractor can secure Artistry Hardwood flooring for our build as an additional, higher end option. At this point, all that is available in their limited showroom are products by Shaw ( nope, just nope), Armstrong, Mannington, Cronin, Kraus, and Provenza. Although I am currently weighing pros and cons of solid hardwood, engineered hardwood and LVP, I am leaning toward a wide plank french white oak (engineered). I am a little leary of Provenza's variation so I am excited by what I found on Artistry Hardwood's website. I would love to hear from anybody who is familiar with the brand. In addition, Cronin looks like a good product, but I cannot find any review or info. about their product either? Thanks in advance!

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