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Electric water heater only stores 10 min of hot water

6 years ago

Hey all. I have a 50 gallon Rheem electric water, installed in 2010, that I'm having trouble diagnosing. I only get about 10 minutes of shower time before the hot water is about gone, so we have to wait a while between family members showers. I checked our shower's gallons per minute and it was about 2. Both thermostats are set to 120 degrees. It sure seems like the lower heating element isn't working, but I already checked the heating elements, the top was 12.7 ohms and bottom was 11.6 ohms. I also did the continuity test on the thermostats and they seemed to click on and off properly, and my multimeter verified the circuit opened/closed accordingly. Is there anything else I can try, to diagnose it? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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