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Flooring transition between hallway and bedrooms

6 years ago

Hi there,

We already removed the carpet in our bedrooms and will be installing laminate floor. Our hallway is engineered hardwood. As you can see in the pictures,

we have not yet removed the original transition piece. For two of our bedrooms, the laminate floor (with underlay) and the original transition piece is very similar in height, 1-2mm difference. For our other bedrooms, however, the laminate floor (with underlay) is 4-5mm higher than the transition piece. We are just wondering if we should be reusing the original transition pieces, or is it even possible? If we remove the original transition pieces and install new ones that match with the laminate floor, due to where the original transition piecese were placed, you will be able to see the laminate transition pieces outside of the bedroom doors when they are closed (which seems kind of weird to us). In other words, without the original transition pieces, the engineered hardwood does not endhere the door closes, it ends before that.

Another question is, should we be laying the laminate floor in the same direction the engineered hardwood in the hallway?

Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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