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It's winter! (plus a couple of donkey photos for Nik)

Melissa Northern Italy zone 8
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Yesterday, snow, perhaps two inches/4-5 cms. Last night, thin icy rain. This morning, freezing rain, fog, and a glossy layer of ice over all the plants. This afternoon and tonight the forecast is for heavy rain.

Contrary to what one might think, I'm rather pleased about all this. We've had five years of unusually mild winters, culminating last winter in drought and a complete absence of snow plus memorable air pollution; then continuing drought through most of this year, high temperatures and an intolerable sun, more air pollution, and the exhaustion of most of our province's water supplies which led to the summer's watering ban. Anathema to gardeners, every bit of it. Wet raw air and icy precipitation are a boon in comparison. We sent DD yesterday evening to spend the night with friends in town so she wouldn't have to drive down this morning on the treacherous roads to catch the bus for school. DH and I are snugged up in the house close to the stove, with food, firewood, and occupation: who could ask for more? I'm hoping we'll continue to have real winter weather for a decent period this year.

A while back Nik requested photos of our neighbors' wandering donkeys: here are shots of one of them, a young jack not much bigger than a mouse, that I took a few weeks ago:

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