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Help with cabinet crown molding in kitchen with low ceiling.

6 years ago

We are remodeling our kitchen, which has a very low (88 inch) ceiling. Increasing the ceiling height is not an option, but I would like to maximize storage space, as our kitchen isn't very large. We're getting shaker style cabinets and I like a clean, non-fussy look. I'm planning on 33-inch high wall cabinets with a very small (3/4 inch) crown molding on top. This will take the crown all the way to the ceiling. Some designers suggested 30-inch tall wall cabinets with a more typical 3 inch high crown molding, but I'd rather have more cabinet and less crown. We'll also do a 3/4 inch high light rail at the bottom of the cabinets. Do you think this will work? The math adds up, but I'm wondering if anyone has pictures of a kitchen they have done with a similar minimalist crown at the top?

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