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How to properly install wood floors-Cupping concerns

6 years ago

So after reading so many post on cupping- - We want to make sure the installers are doing the best they can do for our flooring install.

Calling all pros and and homeowners with experiance:

What steps need to be taken to make sure we have properly installed wooden floors? i.e. visqueen, 3/4" OSB, felt paper, nail in wood etc.

The details:

  • 6" Euro cut or Live sawn white oak
  • 2' to 10' long boards
  • 3/4" solid oak
  • Rubio Monocoat wax finish
  • About 2500 sq. ft.
  • Installed on a new construction slab
  • Located in North Central Texas

The lady at the flooring store said we would not be able to open our windows. Because it may effect the humidity in the house and cause the wood to cup. This concerns us because in the spring and fall we do open windows and enjoy the fresh air. But, everythng we read says the cupping comes from below. We had maple (3" wide) in our last home and did not have any problems with cupping and enjoyed the pleasant weather with windows open as the weather allowed. So this comment was news to us. Please clarify the concern for cupping. Or would we be making a mistake installing this flooring?

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