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Issues patching wood floors - new planks don’t match

6 years ago
We remodeling our 1950s home - we continued the hardwood floors into the kitchen and they really don’t match well at all. My question is what can/should we do?

Original scope of work was to refinish all the hardwood floors upon the contractor’s advice (to make it all blend). We have refinished all the floors. Contractor came by and looked at the floors and brought in red oak. They installed the old floors and once they started sanding the old floors the difference was so very obvious. We talked to the contractor about our concerns and it was at this point he said it would be very hard to match because of age of the original floors and that they may have been a mix or red and white oak. They suggested doing a dark stain on the entire floor to “mask” the difference, but that is totally from what we wanted - we wanted a natural stain. Had we been told that pathing would be the result we would have gone with tile. At this point we just want to finish this project and get our kitchen back - what can be done or what would be suggested?

Photos for the floors, kitchen cabinets will be installed soon - they may help hide the difference.

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