need landscaping ideas for an exposed yard in a rental house

Hello from Ukraine here! Perhaps you could advise me?

I have a fairly large rental house plot, located in the corner of cottage compound. Compound is close to big street and has two highrises next to one corner. Our house is right on that corner :((

* Two nine story buildings on two sides of the yard
* Rental, so I'd love cheap options or container options
* Very few plants. I have planted 3 trees and have 2 more along the most exposed side. they are still not lush enough though
* Big cobbled driveway a the entrance.

Last year I only fixed the lawns and added 3 large inexpensive trees along with blackberry and raspberry bushes. all are still not lush enough.

any ideas on what I can do to add more privacy and interest? Maybe how to search for these type of yards? cause most Pinterest yards are either in rural setting or very small.

Thanks a lot!!

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