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Need ideas for flowers/landscaping for my tiny zone 5 front yard

8 years ago

Hello, I am a completely new gardener and am trying to plan what to do with our front yard next spring. Some background: We are in SE Michigan which is zone 5 and our house is facing east. We have a really small yard and house, and all of the houses on our street are almost exactly the same except for some variations in brick color. I am thinking about painting our front door a deep blue color, but still mulling that over. The post holding up the porch is going to be painted white. We just had it replaced and haven't had time to paint it yet.

I am going to pull out the 4 little evergreen shrubs that are in front of what I think is a boxwood hedge. ( I am so sorry, but I am clueless and don't know what anything is here...we didn't plant any of it.) The bush to the left of the door gets purple fuzzy "flowers" on it every year, and I liked it but we had very harsh winters the last few years and it has partially died off especially towards the bottom half of the bush so it needs to go. Honestly, I think I would like to get rid of the small white landscaping rocks, but I am open to keeping them. I have no idea how to group things together or how to choose color schemes, etc, so I would welcome any suggestions. I have been checking out other threads and saving photos of flowers, but I'm afraid I don't have much of an eye for color and how to use varying heights together.

Sorry, not the greatest photos...I ran out in the cold in my pj's and bare feet to snap them so I was in a hurry!

Thanks for the help!

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