building a wine cellar

bobby masiello

I make wine and now have quite a collection of my wine from various years and some store bought. I am digging another section out as I would like to chill my wine both my collection and what is made and stored each year to about 60 degrees. I have my own way of doing it because I am working with clay dirt walls and floor. Therefore I cannot built and refrigerate a room using conventional construction. The highest temp in the summer is 73 degrees but I would like to maintain no higher than 60. Does anyone have any experience doing this?

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fuzzy wuzzy

Don't forget to check the humidity. Too low and the corks will dry out.

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Robert Daniel Masiello

yes, thanks for the tip. I do monitor relative humidity and it always seems to be between 50% to 80%. I am just working on the temperature swing.

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