Bathroom closet door framing suggestions

Scott A
3 years ago

My bathroom closet had two sets of plywood bipass doors on grooved tracks. They constantly got stuck, so I'm replacing them. Rather than have an upper and lower set of doors I want to replace them with a single pair of bipass doors hung from the top to the floor.

The problem is I cannot find any off-the-shelf doors that will fit. The opening is about 83" tall and 38" wide. That means I need a pair of 20x83 doors which simply don't exist. Should I make doors from sheets of wood? I can only find 3/4" plywood and the hook that screws onto the top of the door is 1" wide. Not to mention screwing down into the top of a plywood sheet isn't a good idea.

Maybe I should consider dropping the rail with a 2x4 up top and cover the exposed hardware with moulding? If I do that and add about 1.5" to both sides I can get away with off-the-shelf 18x80 doors.

Any suggestions?

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