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Upstairs Master Suite with other bedrooms downstairs?

Karla Hurd
5 years ago

We are planning to completely remodel (almost rebuild entirely) the rental home we own. We are torn between having a 1 story with all bedrooms on the same floor or creating a master retreat upstairs and other bedrooms downstairs.

At the time the project will be complete, our three children will be 13 (boy), 10 (boy) and 3 (girl). In our current home, we have the boys upstairs and our young daughter in the bedroom next to us downstairs. This has never been a problem and has worked well for privacy and keeping our youngest close while we still deal with night wakings, etc.

The single story plan would be a long L Shape with the master at the very end of the L. Our youngest would have the bedroom next to us, and one of the boys' rooms would need to be at the very front of the house. The L is quite long, and it is a bit of a distance from our room to front bedroom.

The 2 story plan would have 2 staircases - one at the back of the house with our daughter's (3 yo) bedroom right at the bottom of the stairs, and the other staircase at the front of the house dropping into the main living space, near the boy's bedroom in front of the house.

I have had a tough time finding anything similar online and not much information regarding this seemingly unusual layout of the upstairs master. I love the idea of a master retreat upstairs, and it seems like the access to ALL the kids bedrooms would be almost better than with the long L shape where we are at the opposite end of the house from one kid.

As I said, we have loved the privacy of a separate master from the older kids, and now that our youngest is getting older, we think we will value that more as the boys hit the teen years.

Any thoughts on this or similar experiences? I expect the 'sneak out' factor when the boys get older would be the same either way, and we plan to have door alarms, and possibly cameras.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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