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10th Annual SECRET Santa Seed Swap WISH LIST ONLY

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

This thread is ONLY for WISH LISTS !!! NO socializing or questions PLEASE !

This will make it Easier for everyone to go thru all the wish lists :)


PLEASE send your mailing address to me ASAP ! WITH your screen name Like this... ( DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS ON THE FORUM !!)


Santa Claus

100 Snow Lane

North Pole 00000

ALSO, please let me know if you are a NEWBIE. Newbie for this swap is defined as someone with NO SEEDS to share.

Comments (59)

  • brittneysgran
    6 years ago

    1 Cockscomb Dracula

    2 Cockscomb Armor Series Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow

    3 Cockscomb Prestige Scarlet

    4 Coleus

    5 Gomphrena

    6 Primula Laced Series Mr. Gold Lace, Mr. Silver Lace

    7 Amaranthus Green Thumb, Hot Biscuits, Love Lies Bleeding, Mira

    8 Flowering Kale

    9 Nigella Transformer, Miss Jekyll Rose

    10 Lisianthus

    11 Snapdragon

    12 Bee Balm

    13 Sunflowers

    14 Foxglove

    15 Milkweed

    16 Red Hot Pokers

  • faerygardener z7 CA
    6 years ago

    Wishlist - as mentioned elsewhere it is against the law to ship any plant parts/bulbs other than seed in to California - (and many other states as well), so please don't send them to me. Please only empty cards (a-ok) or cards with wishlist seed. Don’t waste your excess seed on me - I have plenty! Send excess seed to Val. Some are very specific to the dwarf variety or all white, generally, I have the others. Some of these are from the more obscure sellers like JLHudson seedsman and Jelitto. Thanks!!

    ACHILLEA ptarmica 'Pearl-Group' 60CM WHITE
    ALLIUM unifolium 30 cm
    Artemisia Valery Finis
    CERASTIUM grandiflorum
    Convolvulus tricolor 'White Ensign' (this is NOT vining morning glory - have plenty, thanks)
    Cypress Vine ALL White
    Dianthus arenarius 'Little Maiden
    Dianthus Carpet Snow better heat tolerance
    DIANTHUS deltoides 'Albus WHITE
    DIANTHUS plumarius'Albus' 1.5ft tall
    DIANTHUS spiculifolius
    Eriogonum grande rubescens "Red Buckwheat"
    Fountain Butterfly Bush. Buddleja alternifolia
    Hibiscus Red Shield aka Mahogany Splendor
    Hibiscus Syriacus Diana (all white)
    IBERIS gibraltarica Gibralter Candytuft lavender 30cm
    KALIMERIS incisa 60cm
    Lady Margaret Passion Vine (RED)
    Lavandula - any DWARF
    Lavandula lanata Wooly Lavender
    Lupinus texensis ‘Texas Maroon Bluebonnet’
    LYCHNIS viscaria Alba 'Schnee' WHITE
    Nigella - regular blue love in a puff
    Perovskia 'Blue Steel' DWARF Russian Sage
    Phygelius aequalis YELLOW TRUMPET Cape Fuchsia (have red)
    Salvia ulignosa Bog Sage
    SANTOLINA chamaecyparissus ssp. tomentosa [DWARF] 25cm silver foliage
    SCABIOSA columbaria f. nana DWARF
    Verbena Tuscany White
    Viola 'Etain' or ANY

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    I hope this isn't too late. Here is my wishlist. I'd chat more but black friday is calling and I must answer! 1. Heuchera 2. Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa macra) 3. Agastache - orange, purple, and reds 4. Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Arisaema) 5. Pipevine 6. Canna - "Australia", "Stuttgart", "Pretoria" 7. Desert Willow (Chilopsis linearis) 8. Caryopteris 9. Corydalis - blue flowering types Redbud - "Rising Sun" Geranium (Pelargonium) - "Vancouver Centennial" Ornamental Pepper - "Sangria" Creeping Mazus (Mazus reptans) Mamou Bean (Erythrina herbacea) Tall Bearded Iris Dahlia Coleus - odd colors and/or foliage shape, solid reds Clematis Bugbane/Black Snakeroot (Cimicifuga) Basil - Lime, cinnamon, colored, or miniature varieties Coneflower Begonia - any but the ones commonly used for annual beddings Asiatic Lily Toad Lily (Tricyrtis) Peruvian Lily (Alstroemeria) False Spirea (Sorbaria sorbifolia) - "Sem" Stonecrop (Sedum) Caladium Mini Groundcovers - ajuga, sagina, leptinella, mazus, etc. Flowering shade perennials I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Jeff
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    My Wish List... -Tomato- "Marmande VF" HEIRLOOM - Lycopersicon esculentum AMISH PASTE BANANA LEGS BESSER cherry BLACK SEA MAN BOX CAR WILLIE BRANDYWINE, BLACK BRANDYWINE, YELLOW BROWN BERRY CHERRY ROMA CHRISTMAS GRAPES COSMONAUT VOLKOV DIXIE GOLDEN GIANT TOMATO DJENA LEE`S GOLDEN GIRL EARLIANA FIRST PICK GARDEN PEACH GERMAN RED STRAWBERRY GREAT WHITE GREEN GRAPE HILLBILLY HUNGARIAN HEART TOMATO JAPANESE BLACK TRIFELE JAUNE FLAMMEE JEFFERSON GIANT LEMON DROP cherry LONG KEEPER MANITOBA MATT�S WILD CHERRY MOUNTAIN PRINCESS MULE TEAM NYAGOUS OREGON SPRING PINEAPPLE PLUM LEMON RED PEAR RUSSIAN BLACK SAUSAGE SILVERY FIR TREE SWISS ALPINE Tasmanian Chocolate TIFFIN MENNONITE TINY TIM WATERMELON BEEFSTEAK WHITE CHERRY WHITE WONDER WINDOW BOX RED -Tomatillo- PINEAPPLE TOMATILLO PURPLE TOMATILLO -Bee Balm- Any! -Melon- Watermelon - "Dixie Queen" HEIRLOOM - Citrullus lanatus Watermelon - "Congo" HEIRLOOM - Citrullus lanatus Cantaloupe - "Honey Rock" HEIRLOOM - Cucumis melo Cantaloupe - "Rocky Ford" HEIRLOOM - Cucumis melo -Beet- "Crosby Egyptian" HEIRLOOM - Beta vulgaris -Corn- "Golden Beauty" HEIRLOOM - Zea mays "Silver Queen" (White Corn) HEIRLOOM - Zea mays -Leek- "American Flag" HEIRLOOM - Allium ampeloprasum -Pea- "Thomas Laxton" HEIRLOOM - Pisum sativum "Oregon Sugar Pod II" HEIRLOOM - Pisum sativum -Swiss Chard- "Ruby Red" HEIRLOOM - Beta vulgaris -Herbs- ANGELICA HOREHOUND HYSSOP ST JOHN'S WORT VALERIAN -Squash- Pumpkin - Styrian -Columbine- Blue Barlow Barlow Pink Dorothy Rose -Berries- Goji Berry (always need more for genetic diversity) Cranberry - American Pilgrim Thornless Blackberry Bottom line: Anything that's your favorite,...heirloom veggie, flower, shrub or otherwise,... common or rare. I plan on doing a lot of sharing. - Cryptid
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    I wanted to revise my list sorry if it's late Fruit plant (cuttings, plants) Catnip Cat grass Paw paw Cotton Flower Bulbs Flower seeds (anything that is non-vine) Cotton Tea Okra Asparagus Strawberries Sensitive plant Garlic Stamps (I am a collector common, forever, rare doesn't matter much) Herbs (any for cooking) Coffee Anything for a salad Your favorite vegetable Your favorite flower Any extra unneeded seeds That is all thank you :-) have a lovely holiday and many seeds.
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    Hi everyone! Here is my wish list! 1) Evening Primrose 2) California Poppies 3) Four 'o clocks 4) Angel's Trumpet Pineweed 6) Common Blue Violets 7) yellow Jessamines 8) Zinnias, especially candy-cane striped 9) Sunflowers 10) Petunias, (any color) 11) Night Blooming Jasmine 12) Impatiens, (cranberry colored and light pink) 13) Marigolds 14) Morning Glories 15) Coneflowers 16) Vincas, any color 17) Baby's Breath 18) Forget-Me-Nots 19) Daisies, any variety 20) Black-eyed Susans 21) Gourds 22) Ornamental Pumpkins, white, small orange, etc. 23) Cream and Sugar Sweet Corn 24) Red-Colored Sweet Corn 25) Indian Corn 26) Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes 27) Brandywine Tomatoes 28) Cucumbers, Straight 8's 29) Gourds 30) Any kind of hot peppers, (cayenne, habanero, etc.) Thank you! Hope all of you are ready for the Christmas season to start! I know I am!
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  • audrey_gw
    6 years ago

    I generally like anything unusual:

    species other than mollis

    (flowering maples) with double or striped blooms

    (monkshoods) with climbing or bi-colored blooms

    (hollyhocks) with bi-colored blooms

    hardy to zone 5

    with purple or black foliage

    (milkweeds) hardy to zone 5 other than incarnata

    with dark markings or crested centers


    (AKA primulinas) except tamiana

    types with double or semi-double blooms

    (both hardy and houseplant types)

    with green or chocolate markings

    (pinks), heirloom types




    Geraniums with dark-centered, double, or veined blooms

    (if the seeds have been kept refrigerated)

    (sunflowers) with double, semi-double, or dark flowers



    (AKA eustomas)

    ruffled varieties if the seed is fresh

    orientalis (Oriental poppies) with colors other than orange or red



    (black-eyed Susans) with double or unusually colored blooms

    (cape primroses)

    unusual flowers, herbs, or tropicals

  • christacharlene
    6 years ago

    Here is my wish list :)





    Sweet William

    Poppies (any kind, annual or perennial varieties)



    Cockscomb Flower ( only tall varieties, I have grown red ones so I would love to try some other colors like yellow or orange)



    Yarrow (colorful varieties)




    Sweet Peppers (any variety)

    Lace Flower




    Depp's Pink Firefly Tomato

    Any really good Cherry Tomatoes


    Cosmos (would like to try new to me far I have grown Bright Lights, Sensations, and Daydream)


    Watermelons (seeded varieties)




    Early Spring Woodland Wildflower seeds native to the Appalachian region or eastern United States. Examples: Virginia Bluebells, Trillium, etc.

  • val (MA z6)
    6 years ago

    Val's Secret Santa Wish List

    1. Ptilotus (Joey Lambs Tail)

    2. Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia Virginica)

    3. Lewisa

    4. Poppies

    5. Bergenia

    6. Aster varieties: Milady, Needle, Paeony, Pompon

    7. Candy Lily (not blackberry lily)

    8. Coneflowers in Reds, Oranges, Yellow

    9. Hardy Geraniums

    10. Calendulas (non orange)

    11. Centaurea - Perennial

    12. Foxglove Ruby Glow or Monostruosa, and/or Chinese Foxglove

    13. Maltese Cross Dawn Sky

    14. Torenia/Wishbone Flower

    15. Campanulas/Bellflowers

    16.Celosia Dragons Breath

    17. Xeranthemum


    19. Lantana

    20 Queen of the Prairie

    21. White and Strawberry Blonde Marigolds

    22. Rudbeckia Varieties: Prairie Sun, Ruby Ruby, ChimChiminee, Moroccan Sun, Sahara

    23. Yellow shasta daisies and Crazy Daisies

    24. Primrose (common spring blooming for Z6)

    25. Dianthus, esp'lly fringed

    26. Snow on the Mountain

    27. Cape Daisy/ Zulu Daisy

    28. Coral Bells

    29. Pink/Rose, Purple Perennial Lobelia (Cardinal flower)

    30. Surprise me - Flowers you love to grow for their beautiful blooms!


  • dem_pa
    6 years ago

    My wish list:

    Burgundy blanket flower



    Annual poppies




    Sweet Williams




    Mexican hats











    Black cherry tomatoes



    Leaf lettuce


    Your favorite annual flower

    Your favorite perennial flower

    Your favorite vegetable

  • robinwittydesigns
    6 years ago

    I like purple and especially edibles (but not eggplant, lol):

    • sugar snap peas
    • basil
    • lavender
    • saffron crocus
    • potatoes (ok, i think they call them blue)
    • corn (ok, i think they call them blue dent or double red)
    • cotton
    • lilacs
    • cauliflower
    • carrots









    Bronze Fennel


    Lemon Grass

    Melons (moon & star or tender sweet orange are peaking my interest lately)

    Paprika Peppers


    Evergreens (for property border - fast growing tall (thuja))


    Goji Berry

    Nigella Sative (aka Kalongi)


  • Karen Holt
    6 years ago

    Santa Swap Top 30 wishes:

    I'm not limited to just these varieties. I only put particulars in the event someone had them.

    1. Bee balm: Panarama Red Shades (Or any red)
    2. Celosia - Dragon's Breath, Any
    3. Cleome: Violet Queen only, I have all the others
    4. Coleus
    5. Coneflower
    6. Coral Bells
    7. Dianthus
    8. Gaillardia: Mesa Red only, I have a great deal of others
    9. Geraniums: Maverick Coral, any deep scarlets, Divas series
      10. Gomphrena - Orange
      11. Foxglove - Apricot
      12. Hellebores
      13. Impatiens
      14. Lemon Cucumber
      15. Nasturtiums (can be climbers)
      16. Pansy
      17. Peony
      18. Rudbeckia - Sahara
      19. Salvia: Blue Queen, Fairy Queen, Evolution,

    21. Sunflowers
    22. Sweet Peas
    23. Vincas
    24. Violas
    25. Zinnia: Magellans, Zaharas (scarlet, red), Benary Giants,
    Mazurkia, Cherry/Ivory swizzle
    26. Drought Tolerant flowers
    27. Shade plants/flowers
    28. Your favorite flower to grow
    29. Hummingbird magnate flowers

    30. Surprise me!

  • jas_il
    6 years ago

    1. coral bead plant - nertera granadensis

    2. Naked ladies lilly bulbs/seed (Belladonna Lily)

    3. Begonia bossa nova, bloliviensis, any

    4. Petunia

    5. Impatience

    6. Alyssum pastel colors or cascading

    7. Peony poppy

    8. coleus any but rainbow

    9. Dianthus

    10. Marigold pompom style any white/yellow/orange

    11. Coral Bells/Heucheras

    12. Hollyhocks

    13. Disco belle pink/white bicolor hibiscus

    14. Cypress Vine pink, White

    15. Plant with colorful leaves

    16. Swiss Chard

    17. Lettuce butter crunch

    18. Basil any

    19. Pole Beans

    20. Pepper ornamental/edible

    21. Tomato any

    22. Eggplant

    23. zinnia

    24. Aquarium plant riccia fluitans, star moss, Egyptian Papyrus (not umbrella palm)

  • Jaymie Poujade
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I’m open to all kinds of seeds but here are my wants. You can just send your favorite seeds or random seeds if you want. I love surprises so random is totally fine with me!

    1 Cotton of all varieties

    2 Glass gem corn

    3 Popping Corn

    4 Flour or ornimental corn

    5 Blue Bachelor Buttons and any other colors

    6 Watermelon Radish

    7 Poppies of all colors

    8 Soap Wart

    9 Borage

    10 Elderberry

    11 Tomatoes of all varieties

    12 Radishes

    13 Melons and watermelons of all varieties

    14 Carolina reaper peppers

    15 Trail of Tears Pole bean

    16 Showy Milkweed

    17 Rose of Sharon

    18 Pansies of all colors

    19 Snap Dragons

    20 Bee Balm

    21 Lavender of all types

    22 Corn of all types

    23 Broom Corn

    24 Lemon Cucumber

    25 Peas

    26 sweet peas

    27 Cosmos

    28 Passion Flower

    29 Balloon Flower

    30 Surprise

  • midwestfarmwife
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Wish List


    Calendula - Awaiting Sunset, Bon Bon Yellow, Bronze Beauty, Kablouna, Lemon Twist, Mandarin Twist, Pacific Beauty Cream, Pink Surprise, Touch of Red

    Celosia - have Pampas Plume and Red Velvet

    Columbine - Any named except Canadian

    Coreopsis - American Dream, Golden Wave, Mahogany Midget, Roulette, Sunfire

    Cosmos - (have Bright Lights, Seashells and Sensation) Antiquity, Candy Stripe, Chocolate, Collarette, Cosimo, any Double Click, Fizzy Rose, Limara Lemon, Peppermint Twist, Rubenze, Snowpuff, Sonata Yellow, Xanthros

    Cuphea - have dark purple

    Daisy Types - (have Shasta) African, Cape, English, Euryops Bush, Gerbera, Paper, Livingstone, Santa Barbara

    Dianthus - have Sweet William

    Delphinium - have Pacific Giant

    Echinacia - Cheyenne Spirit, Double Decker, Razzmatazz

    Geum - have Tangerine


    Hardy Hibiscus - Cherry Brandy, Cherry Cheesecake, Cranberry Crush, Honeymoon Deep Red, Heartthrob, Old Yella, Summer Storm

    Herb - Basil (African Blue, Cardinal, Christmas, French, Greek)

    Medicinal - Camphor Weed, Citronella, Comfrey, German Chamomile, Jewel Weed, Lemon Verbena, Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra), St. John's Wort, Sweet Cicely, Valerian, Za'atar

    Hollyhock - Blackberry, Chater's Chestnut Brown, Choice Mix, Crème de Cassis, Danish Giant, Fiesta Time, Fig Leaf, Salmon Queen

    Japanese Morning Glory, Cameo Elegance, or any Chocolate

    Lychnis - especially Dusky Salmon, Lumina Bronze Leaf

    Marigold - Bonanza Harmony, Durango, Strawberry Blonde, any White


    Penstemon - Have Husker's Red

    Peppers - Sweet except Carmen, Lipstick, Marconi, and hot except Cayenne, Tabasco, Jalapeno

    Poppy- except Orange and Oriental Red

    Rudbeckia - Cherokee Sunset, Chocolate Orange, Maya, Moreno, Sahara, Sputnik

    Salvia - have Black & Blue, and Bonfire


    Tomatoes - African Queen, Aussie, Ballada, Banana Cream, Barnyard, Blush, Bola Macizo, Boronia, Brandy Boy, Chocolate Champion, Chocolate Lightning, Druzba, Dwarf Blazing Beauty, Dwarf Pink Passion, Dwarf Purple Heart, Fat Cherry, Gypsy, Goliath, Ingeglio Gigante, Mortgage Lifter Bi-Color, Patio Princess, Red Robin, Red Rose, Snow White, Super Italian Paste, Vorlon, Yellow Brandywine


    Zinnia - Aztec, Benary, Cherry Swizzle, Gumdrop, Persian Carpet, Peppermint, Profusion (except Knee High Fire), Zinderella

  • Melinda Hagen
    6 years ago

    My wish list----

    Petunias-waves and doubles

    Zinnia-persian carpet, Aztec




    Cosmos--doubles, newer ones

    Shasta daisy--crazy, others- no Becky or Alaska

    Poppies,--,annual and perennial

    Hollyhocks,-newer ones, doubles, ruffled


    Franklinia alatahama tree

    Dove tree- davidiia



    Daylilies-spiders, UFOs, ruffled,dark eyes

    Echinaceas,,-white swan, doubles, any but purple and pallida

    Passifloras-no incarnata

    Kale- any




    Asters-shorter ones. Pot type

    Flax,- all colors



    Heirloom tomato's



    Yarrow- no white

    Anything you would like to share!

  • dancingbunnyfoofoo
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    My wish list:

    1. Air plant (Tillandsia)

    2. Blood lily

    3. Calendula

    4. Celosia (various kinds)

    5. Cockscomb (various kinds)

    6. Coleus (various kinds)

    7. Coneflower/Echinacea

    8. Coreopsis

    9. Cosmos

    10. Double Blue Pea Vine (Clitoria ternatea)

    11. Herbs: Angelica, Blue basil, Calendula, Caraway, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Fennel (green & bronze), Feverfew, Parsley, Red Basil, Rue, Sage, Yarrow

    12. Hyacinth Bean Vine (White)

    13. Jatropha berlandieri

    14. Marigolds: Frech Harlequin, Starfire signet, Snowball, Tagetes patula aka french marigold, Pure Red, Jester, various kinds.

    15. Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia)

    16. Milkweed (any kind except common)

    17. Nasturtiums - Variegated, etc.

    18. Privet Cassia

    19. Russelia sarmentosa

    20. Salvia (any)

    21. Snapdragon

    22. Sunflowers: Double Dandy, Candy Mountain, Crimson Blaze, Strawberry blonde, various kinds except Mammoth

    23. Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa) aka Bee Balm

    24. Zinnias: Zowie Yellow Flame, Zahara Starlight, Chippendale Daisy, Swizzle, Whirligig, Zahara Double Fire

    25. Elliots Aster

    26. Thistles (to be grown in a planter)

    27. Sweet Pepperbush

    28. White Cestrum

    29. Rattlesnake Master

    30. Queen Anne's Lace

  • redthreaddiy
    6 years ago

    1. Spineless Naranjilla

    2. Heirloom Tomatoes (I’ve grown over 300 types and counting!)

    3. Peppers (Hot and Sweet!)

    4. Edible Pumpkins (commercial)

    5. Winter Squash , any! Especially Jarrahdale, Red Warty Thing, Yokohama, Yugoslavian Finger Fruit (commercial)

    6. Sugar Rush Peach Pepper

    7. Shishito Pepper

    8. Brazilian Starfish Hot Pepper

    9. Long John or Smiley Worms Tomato

    10. Buratino Tomato

    11. Candy Sweet Icicle Tomato

    12. Cherokee Lime Tomato

    13. Sinks Yellow Tits Tomato

    14. Tomato 'White Currant'

    15. Long Tall Sally Tomato

    16. Chestnut Chocolate Tomato

    17. Michael Pollan Tomato

    18. Brad’s Atomic Grape Tomato

    19. Tzimbalo Melon Pear

    20. Hairy Balls Milkweed

    21. Kiwano Horned Melon

    22. Tamarillos

    23. Eggplants

    24. Beans

    25. Cucumbers (commercial)

    26. White Doll’s Eye (Actaea pachypoda)

    27. White Lion's Ear/Lion's Tail/Wild Dagga Leonotis leonurus var. alba

    28. Squirting Cucumber Ecballium elaterium

    29. Lion's Tail (NOT Lion's Ear) Leonotis leonurus

    30. Melons (commercial) especially Art Comb’s Ancient Watermelon

  • leann2800
    6 years ago

    In general, I like anything purple or blue or anything fairy. My husband likes anything white or fragrant. My yard was damaged by the hurricane and I lost my greenhouse. So, we have been focusing on maintenance and caring for the outside wildlife: usually birds, squirrels, butterflies, and bees. Any plant they will eat is welcome (their habitats were damaged too). Anything low maintenance or good for rain gardens is appreciated.

    1. Sunflowers

    2. Coneflower

    3. Milkweed

    4. Marigold (can't get too many of these to ward off mosquitos).

    5. Zinnia

    6. Kale

    7. Basil

    8. Coriander

    9. Cumin

    10. Peruvian lily (this was my wedding flower)

    11. Iris (This is the title of me and my son's favorite song.)

    12. Cucumbers

    13. Tomatos

    14. Lettuce

    15. Carrots

    16. Peppers

    17. Airplants

    18. Loofah

    19. Hollyhocks

    20. Devils trumpet

    21. Moonflower

    22. Morning glory

    13. Ghost lily

    14. Daisies

    15. Cosmos

    16. Bee balm

    17. Bleeding heart

    18. Growing tips for my baby peach trees

    18. Anything purple.

    19. Anything fragrant

    20. Surprise me.

  • dirtdaddy
    6 years ago

    Dirt Daddys Wish List:

    I know I'll think of something else later, oh well!


    Sea Holly

    glode thistle







    pole beans



    bird chilies

    chocolate habs

    hot and hotter chilies

    ghost chilies


    big cherry tomatoes

    big slicer tomatoes

    And anything u think might do well in our city garden!


  • Iris ( ranegrow ) z7 Maryland
    6 years ago

    My Secret Santa Wish List:

    1. red, dark or black/ purple heirloom tomatoes, esp beefsteaks !

    2. Sungold tomato

    3. any herb, esp basil !

    4. any squash, esp the Winter types

    5. any melon, esp cantaloupe types

    6. any swiss chard

    7. county fair cucumber

    8. any sweet pepper, esp bell peppers

    9. italian roasting peppers

    10. any flower that attracts bees, hummingbirds or butterflies

    11. any Zinnia

    12. any short, dwarf type flower

    13. any flowering shrub

    14. hellebores

    15. any rudbeckia

    16. any coreopsis

    1. any kind of pansy

    18. your favorite perennial flower

    19. any sunflower except Mammoth

    20. any daylily

    21. any coleus, esp the darker ones

    22. any Salvia

    23. any succulent

    24. Lisianthus

    25. your favorite, surprise me !

  • amybabyboy3
    6 years ago

    My wish list:

    1.coneflower- and other than purple (pink poodle, double scoop cranberry, firebird, green line, hot papaya, secret passion, tomato soup, milkshake, supreme elegance), strawberry shortcake, dragon's wart

    2.Limerock ruby coreopsis

    3.Lunaria alba variegata

    4.Malope trifida "Glacier Fruits"

    5.mullein( have yellow verbascum mullein)

    6.Oenothera tetragona "Blood Orange" (evening primrose (have pink and white)

    7.Pitcher sage any varieties especially Lepechinia fragrans 'El Tigre'

    8.Rudbeckia triloba "Red Sport"

    9.sage- white and garden sage

    10.Salvia apiana- "white sage"

    11.Salvia microphylla Hot Lips

    12.salvia- Argentine Skies

    13.Salvia- Mystic Spires

    14.Salvia- Purple Rain

    15.Salvia-Navajo Red

    16.Satureja douglasii“Yerba Buena”

    17.Sem Ash Leaf Spirea aka ural false spirea

    18.Snapdragon - Weasel's Snout

    19.sweet woodruff



    22.Tea Camellia sinensis

    23.Tecomaria capensis 'Hammer's Rose'

    24.Thunbergia fragrans Sweet Clock Vine

    25.Trifoliate Orange (Poncirus trifoliata)

    26.Wallflower 'Cloth of Gold’


    28.Cosmos Pied Piper Red, cosmos happy ring, Cosmos lemon twist, Cosmos Chocolate

    29.Eriogonum grande var. rubescens

    “Red Buckwheat”

    30.medicinal herbs that are easy to grow

  • yotetrapper
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    1-Tomatoes - Any that do well in the deep south heat

    2-Tomatoes- Large red Paste/Sauce type tomatoes

    3-Tomato - Homestead

    4-Tomato - Jeff Davis

    5-Tomato - Old Virgina

    6-Melon - Minnesota Midget

    7-Melon- Old Time Tennesee

    8-Bean- Case Knife Bean

    9-Bean- Any white pole lima beans

    10-Bean- Dixie White

    11-Carrots - Any pelleted seed

    12-Corn - Glass Gem

    13-Pepper- Peter yellow or orange (I already have red)

    14-Watermelon- Especially Desert King, Mississippi Cobb Gem, Blacktail Mountain



    17-Softneck Garlic

    18-Zinnia - Any

    19-Hollyhocks - Any

    20-Geraniums - the kind with big heads you see in stores.

    21-Sweet Peas (the flowers)

    22-Marigolds- white, red, Orange Hawaii

    23-Wave Petunia/ Superbells/Calibrachoa

    24-Tall Garden Phlox

    25-Cosmos: doubles, ruffled, pinks, whites... no hot reds or oranges please

    26-Coleus- Alabama Sunrise, Alabama Sunset, Any dark red, black or unusual colors (i.e.campfire)

    27-Milkweed- Soulmate

    28-Columbine - Songbird Series

    29-Primrose (not evening primrose)

    30-Scarlet Sage (salvia coccinea)

  • SusieQsie_Fla
    6 years ago



    Asclepias tuberosa






    any herb




    Balloon plant milkweed

    Giant Milkweed

    Rooster tree Milkweed

    Swan Milkweed





    Peppers, sweet









    Any butterfly and hummingbird attractors that you love

  • Maulwurf
    6 years ago

    Wishlist for Santa Swap

    Purple Carrots

    Swiss Chard, Bright Lights or Ruby Red

    Red Leaf Lettuce

    Cream of Sasketchewan Watermelon

    Green Jewel Coneflower

    Red or Orange Coneflower

    Dinnerplate Dahlia


    Himalayan Poppy, blue

    Red Petunia

    Cerinthe major

    Love in a mist

    Nasturtium red


    Painted Tongue

    Poppy, anything but red

    Snapdragon red

    Black Eyed Susan Vine

    Cup and Saucer Vine

    Passionflower Vine

    Rattlesnake Master


    German Chamomille





  • nottougly
    6 years ago

    My wish list for Santa this year is really simple.

    1. Gourds

    2. Sunflowers

    3. Morning Glory

  • cghpnd
    6 years ago

    Asclepias Asperula


    Asclepias Humistrata

    Asclepias purpurascens

    Asclepias Rubra


    Asclepias Variegata


    Calotropis Gigantea
    (giant milkweed)

    2. Aristolochia

    3. Antennaria plantaginifolia (Pussytoes)

    4. Aster (Purple dome, Rice button)

    5. Bee Balm (Raspberry Wine)

    6. Begonia - Santa Cruz Sunset

    7. Coneflowers-

    Double Decker

    Mama Mia

    Pow wow

    Tomato Soup,

    green, ANY

    8. Coleus

    Lava Rose

    Religious Radish

    Chocolate covered

    Russelia Equisetiformis

    Coral Fountain- ANY

    9. Columbine- Crimson Star, Any

    10. Cupids Dart

    11. Corpse Flower

    12. Fuchsia- Mrs Popple, Rose OF Denmark- ANY

    13. Jack In the pulpit

    14. Lantana – trailing, ANY

    15. Nasturtium - black velvet, ladybird cream purple- Empress,

    16. Phlox ( Moody blues)- Creeping Phlox , ANY

    17. Poppies (cherry glow, peony black, Black swan)

    18. Pussy Willow

    19. Pampas Grass – any

    20. Rhodochiton
    atrosanguineus - Purple
    Bell vine

    21. Snapdragons - Trailing
    and/ or tall

    22. Spice Bush

    23. Rudbeckia (cherry brandy)

    24. Trumpet Honeysuckle

    25. Verbena -
    trailing, ANY

    Zinnia -


    Peppermint Stick


    Pop Art


    State Fair


    Benarys Giant

    Candy Stripe



    27. Arrowleaf balsamroot

    28. Salvia - ANY

    29. Ginseng

    30. Willow

  • beth_b_kodiak
    6 years ago

    My wish list for Santa

    cherry tomatoe, any with nice thin skin

    Golden (yellow) Marconi Pepper

    Chinese cabbage Reg or mini

    Fava beans

    malabar spinach




    lupins, prefer the wild ones


    super schmeltz kohlrabi

    sea kale



    unusual winter squash


  • colcol
    6 years ago

    Ok Santa, here goes :)

    Agastache for Z5

    Showy Milkweed

    Sea Holly - 'Blue Glitter' or 'Blue Hobbit'



    Armenian Basket Flower

    Delphinium Magic Fountains White/Dark Bee

    Delphinium Pacific Giant Astolat

    Gay Feather

    Globe Thistle

    Dwarf hollyhock

    Obedient Plant - 'Crystal Peak'

    Zebra Holllyhock

    Red Hot Poker

    Pink Salvia Perennial




    Love Lies Bleeeding


    Hyacinth Bean

    Blanket Flower

    Obedient Plant - 'Vivid'

    Something for in Hanging Basket

    Semi-shade plants for Zone 5

    any Native for Zone 5

  • mcc371
    6 years ago

    I like surprises so any type of seeds you send I will like. I like anything rare as I like the challenges of growing various things. Some of my wants are:



    medicinal herbs









    lime basil



    goji berry






    peony tree

    dutchmans pipe

    nicotana ( tobacco)

    any heirloom veggies

    Hope everyone has a great Christmas and may your new year be bountiful.

  • Cintiaoz 14
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    cintiaoz14 (zone 7b)







    Monarda-Bee Balm











    Tithonia-Mexican sunflower


    and any seeds that you want to share! Thank you so much Santa!

  • jlhart76
    6 years ago

    Anything you put in a salad (tomato, carrot, pepper, etc)

    Medicinal herbs, especially feverfew, lemongrass, rosemary, chamomile, and mint


    Red, white, yellow or purple carrots

    Anything that makes people say "what is that?"


    Cosmos (I have bright lights)

    Daylily (esp. red, purple or white ones)

    Pumpkin on a stick

    Anything good in clay soil

    Tennessee spinning gourd



    Canna (esp. colors other than red)

    Anything easy to grow and kid friendly (I share a lot with local schools and community gardens)

  • lexiegurl09
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I love vegetable gardening so I would like:

    1. Beans (snap, Lima, cowpeas, etc)

    2. Tomatoes, any and all!

    3. Peppers, sweet to mild heat

    4. Okra

    5. Watermelons

    6. Cantaloupe

    7. Cucumber

    8. Broccoli

    9. Greens (cabbage, collards, kale, etc)

    10. Lettuce

    11. Carrots

    12. Beets

    13. Radishes

    14. Pumpkin

    15. Strawberries

    16. Kiwi

    17. Any of your favorite veggies really except cauliflower, honeydew, and “easy” squashes. I can’t seem to grow a squash to save my life! Lol

    18. Carnations

    19. Any easy flower to grow in part sun/part shade

    I love surprises too so really feel free to send me any of your favorites. :)


  • roper2008
    6 years ago

    Here's my list.

    1. Peppers The more unusual the better. Hot or sweet

    2. Herbs

    3.Holly hocks

    4. Black Knight or Black Prince Scabiosa

    5. Sweet William

    6. Blue flowers

    7. Salvia's

    8. Nasturtiums

    9. Datura

    10. Cottage flowers

    11. Purple Angelica

    12. Brugmansia

    13. Variegated Four O'Clocks

    14. Plains Coreopsis

    15. Eggplant, not Black Beauty

    16. Your favorite flower

    17. Flowers for the bee's.

  • Tikva Kennedy
    6 years ago
    This is my wish list. I will accept anything, but I'll put my list of things I like. Don't know if it'll grow, but I'm certainly gonna try.


    I would love any advice as well, and whatever your favorite plant is. Hopefully they'll take and I can share seeds next year. Thank you so much!
  • Darlyn Hall
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi everyone! Here is my wish list:

    1) Zinnias, candy-cane variety or any

    2) Angel's trumpet

    3) Snapdragons

    4) Hollyhocks

    5) Impatiens, white, burgundy or red

    6) Black-eyes Susans

    7) Orange Poppies

    8) Geraniums, red, pink, white or salmon

    9) Sweet Peas

    10) Marigolds, giant yellow, or any color

    11) Morning Glories

    12) Columbine, Songbird varieties

    13) Cockscomb, Red

    14) Indian Paintbrush

    15) Tomatoes, Brandywine

    16) Tomatoes, any large, red slicing varieties

    17) Tomatoes, Sweet 100 Cherry variety

    18) Corn, Peaches and Cream

    19) Corn, Glass Gem

    20) Corn, red variety

    21) Peppers, Green Bell varieties

    22) Peppers, Cayenne

    23) Peppers, Jalapeño

    24) Cucumbers, Straight 8

    25) Parsley, Curly

    26) Muskmelons

    27) Pumpkins, Jack-O-Lantern varieties

    28) Pumpkins, minis

    29) Gourds

    30) Catnip

  • clipclop
    6 years ago

    hello everyone! Here's my list:

    1. Amaranth (love lies Bleeding)

    2. Artemesia -Wormwood

    3. Cosmos

    4. Gaillardia

    5. Marigold

    6. Penstemon



    9. Geum

    10. Zinnia

    11. Sunflower

    12. Salvia

    13. Moonflower vine

    !4. Black eyed Susan vine

    15. Bee Balm

    16. Poppy

    17. Any Sedum like Hen and Chicks

    18. Dill

    19. Basils (Thai)

    20.Low growing ornamental grass

    21. anything that thrives in hot dry weather

  • primrose1x3
    6 years ago

    We are going into our 4th year of being harrassed/vandalized and the garden I made that triumphed over 40+ years of various adversities is now in ruins. But I'll keep trying. I've been thinking about those abandoned apple orchards in the local park system. Maybe I could make an orchard of arborized Rose of Sharon, with low things sprinkled beneath - like something Shakespeare might have dreamed about. If you dream about your own patch of dirt, upon which to actualize your own dreams, don't risk heartache by moving to Oella.

    Alpine Strawberries
    Angelica - any and/or dark-leaved
    Angelonia - white or any
    Artemisia (not Mugwort) something silvery & lacy?
    Cestrum nocturnum (Night Jasmine)
    Coreopsis, Threadleaf
    Dianthus species/hybrids; chinensis hybrids
    Purslane, Ornamental (Portulaca umbraticola - any or Toucan Scarlet)
    Rose of Sharon
    Snapdragons - whites, peach, burnt orange, palest pink dwarf or medium
    Stachys (Betony) (already have S. byzintine(sp?)) any that spread & suppress weeds
    Streptocarpus saxorum
    Tagetes filifolia 'Irish Lace'
    Violas - "black" like V. tricolor Sawyers' Johnny-Jump-Up; V. cornuta Bowles Black?; hybrids? other species of Viola?
    Zaluzianskya (Night Phlox)
    Zinnias - disease resistant Profusion, Zahara, other?
    Florence Fennel (has bulb at base)
    Onion - Egyptian Walking Onion
    Radish - Daikon Radish
    - - - - -
    Late blooming (Sept-Nov) flowers under 2 feet tall
    -- bladderwort (Silene or Lychnis sp. - nocturnal, white, fragrant)
    -- flowers that naturalize in grass on floor of orchard
    Blue flowers, including -
    -- Gilia
    -- Sisyrinchium
    -- low growing Veronica

    Surprise Me

  • l1oness
    6 years ago

    Here is my list. This is such a fun swap!

    1. Chrysanthemum Seeds (florist mums)

    2. Black tomato varieties

    3. Wild Boar Tomato varieties

    4. Summer squash

    5. Sweet Peppers

    6. Beets

    7. Lettuce

    8. Chives

    9. Spinach

    10. Pole beans

    11. Melons

    12. Hardy Kiwi

    13. Basil

    14. Sunflowers

    15. Daylilies

    16. Dahlias

    17. Cosmos

    18. Geranium

    19. Snapdragons

    20. Anything you find fun to grow

    21. Mini plants – I love dwarf plants of all kinds

  • patrob
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Dear Santa,

    I’d love to have some new varieties of annuals and perennials that would thrive in my Zone 8 garden. Summers are hot and usually dry, and though winters are mild, there are some nights in the teens. I have lots of sunny areas and some beds with dappled shade.

    I’ll be very happy with whatever you decide to send me.

    I’d also be especially pleased to receive any of the following:


    Blue Throatwort (Trachelium caeruleum), especially Black Knight or Violet Veil



    Cosmos – Cosmic, Fizzy, Limara Lemon, Polidor

    Cross Vine (Bignonia capreolata) — just harvested

    Ladybird Poppy (Papaver commutatum)

    Moss Rose (Portulaca)


    Ornamental grasses (except for pampas and pink muhly)


    Phlox paniculata (Tall Phlox) -- any just harvested

    Sunflowers (Helianthus) — Claret, Earthwalker, Magic Roundabout, Red Sun, Shock-a-lat,
    Velvet Queen, Italian White, Vanilla Ice

    Beets –gold, white, or Chioggia

    Tomatoes (hybrid) – Buffalo Steak, Cobra, First Prize, Tropic, Trust

    Tomatoes(heirloom)-- Gezahnte, Little Mama, Tamina

    Tomatoes (no longer available) -– I’d love a few old seeds or even seeds of later generations of these hybrids – Merced, San Remo, and Cabernet (the large tomato from Tomato Growers Supply, not the cherry tomato with the same name)

    WinterSquash/Pumpkin – Ambercup, Greek Sweet Red, Uncle David's Dakota Dessert, UpperGround Sweet Potato

  • amberroses
    6 years ago

    I would like anything rare and special, or common and well regarded. I most like the surprise of getting the seeds and the cards, so I'm open and thankful to receive anything. The following are some of the things I like:








    snap peas/snow peas



    malabar spinach

    Merry Christmas!

  • canyonwind
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Merry Christmas kids...late on this!! I, of course, am happy with anything you wish to send my way!

    1. Solar Eclipse Rudebeckia

    2. any TALL Rudebeckias

    1. any new Rudebeckia
    2. any Gaillardia...including new ones

    5. any Calendula

    6. any new Calendula

    7. self sowers

    8. Rattlesnake Pole Beans (commercial preferred)

    9. Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans (commercial preferred)

    10. Your favorite tried and true Pole Green Bean

    11. Nasturium with variegated leaves

    12. unusual herbs

    13. drought tolerant flowers for sun or shade....lousy soil

    14. Dahlia seeds....small or large

    15. Mexican Torch Flower...yellow or red or orange

    16. unusual Butterfly Bush

    17. Banana mint

    18. Ginger mint

    19. Pineapple mint

    20. Peppermint

    21. Lavender mint

    22. Limbaughs Legacy Tomato (commercial preferred)

    23. Perennial Thai Basil aka Oriental Basil, Asian Basil, Bai Horapa in Thai

    24. Large Leaf Sweet Sandwich Basil

    25. Tomato Limbaughs Legacy (commercial preferred)

    26. Coreopsis that blooms first year after sowing LOL!

    27. sweet peas

    1. reseeding, white and red



  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    6 years ago

    A little birdie said I would get broccoli if I didn't post a wish list :}. I'll be redoing my back garden this spring and these are some of the additions I would like to make.

    1. hibiscus and it's relatives

    2. penstemons

    3. agastaches

    4. salvias

    5. aubrieta

    6. gomphrena- especially salmon colored

    7.juncus flying hedgehogs

    8. viola Fuji dawn

    9. dianthus

    10. primula

    11. centranthus red or white would be welcomed

    12. I love variegated plants

    13. nicotiana perfume blue

    14, columbines in red, white or blue

    15. coreopsis red midget

    16. pink pinheads

    17. gaillardia- red blooming

    1. I'm adding blue to the garden this year so any blue blooming would also be a welcomed addition.

    Thanks for looking!

  • Galen xoxox
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hope everyone's relaxing and eating leftovers! Here is my list:

    1. Amaranth, particularly red spike

    2. American elder (sambucus canadensis)

    3. Anemone

    4. Bee balm

    5. Cleome, queen variety

    6. Coneflower, any

    7. Daylilies

    8. Globe amaranth

    9. Hollyhocks

    10. Honeywort

    11. Knautia

    12. Laceflower (daucus carota)

    13. Lunaria

    14. Meadowsweet

    15. Musquee de Provence pumpkins

    16. Nigella sativa

    17. Phlox

    18. Poppies

    19. Scabiosa

    20. Smoke tree

    21. Stock

    22. Strawflower

    23. Sweet pea

    24. Verbascum, any but would love petra!

    25. Any cottage garden plants or flowers

    26. Anything unusual - love unique plants!

  • naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan
    6 years ago

    I'm always open for an experiment and would be happy trying any surprises you might send.

    Here's my list for Santa and his elves:

    1. Tomato: Black Cherry, Golden Gates, Black and Brown Boar, Bleeding Heart, Brad's Black Heart, Sherry's Sweet Heart, any Dwarf Tomato Project variety

    2. Tomatoes, Hybrids with late blight resistance

    3. Hybrid Brussels Sprouts

    4. Prairie Grasses such as Big Bluestem and Little Bluestem

    5. Purple Prairie Clover

    6. Queen of the Prairie

    7. Sweet/mild peppers...non bell shapes, OP or hybrid

    8. Mild flavored eggplants

    9. Eastern woodlands wildflowers

    10. Beans with interesting colored seeds

    11. Runner beans, except Scarlet Runner and Painted Lady which I have

    12. Pumpkins with hull-less seeds

    13. Gomphocarpus physocarpus or G. fruticosus, (hairy balls or swan milkweed)

    14. Seeds for plants for tea

    15. A favorite herb

    16. A favorite veggie

    17. A favorite flower

    18. A favorite early or midseason tomato

    19. Veggies with especially decorative flowers, foliage, form, etc. that are good to use as edible landscaping plants

    20. Whatever plant is a butterfly magnet for you

    21. Surprise me!


  • pinkiris
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Ive been mingling with reds/whites lately and anything for the hummingbirds, along with heat/drought tolerant. My wish list... many thanks!

    1. anything variegated and/or tropical

    2. anything with dark foliage and or flowers

    3. dwarf project tomatoes

    4. penstemon

    5. salvia

    6. poppy... hens and chicks, peony, pom pom, pink fizz

    1. snapdragon and/or angelonia any

    8. japanese morning glory

    9. geum

    10 cuphea

    11 agastache

    12 hibiscus

    13 double click cosmos ...chocolate cosmos, popsocks, reds

    14 milkweed (any except common)

    15 hot peppers (the hotter the better)

    16 begonia

    17 any columbine ...looking for variegated, whites, pinks, yellow, reds, dwarf, or blacks/chocolates. Any.

    18 petunia...doubles, expressos, trailing, for heat, sophistaca blue morn, any

    19 Nigella Miss Jekyll Rose, or transformer

    20 geraniums, dark foliage

    21 garlic

    22 baptisia

    23 anything miniature

    24 helleborus

    25 any mints, except spearmint and mojito

    26 sea holly

    27 hibiscus

    28 foxglove

    29 any flowers blooming white and/or crimson red

    30 your favorite performer for heat/drought tolerant, duranta any

  • Ladyreneer
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hello Everybody,

    I'm new on here but not new to Gardening. If you have any seeds below I would love to give them a try. My favorite colors are pink, red, purple, white & yellow. Thanks! *Especially hoped for...

    1. *Cottage Garden Flowers

    2. Delphiniums

    3. Foxgloves

    4. *Dianthus

    5. Lavenders -esp. grosso

    6. Snapdragons

    7. Geraniums - red, pink

    8. **Goji Berri

    9. Rhubarb

    10. Phlox - hardy

    11. *Scented Carnations/pinks

    12. Sweet Peas

    13. Zinnias

    14. **Bleeding Heart - red

    15. *Hostas

    16. **Lily of the Valley

    17. Bells of Ireland

    18. Angelonia

    19. Agastachea Hummingbird Mint (Rosie Posie, esp)

    20. Lisianthus

    21. Geum (any) esp Mrs J Bradshaw

    15. *Sensitive Plant aka Eyeball plant

    16. Medinal Plants/Herbs

    17. *Toothache Plant

    18. Shade Plants

    19. **Raspberry Starts

    20. Smaller plants due to space/Dwarf flowers...

    21. *Pink Astilbe

    22. YOUR Favorite Shade plant/flower

    22. Surprise Me!

    23. YOUR favorite flower

    Merry Christmas!!!


  • browneyedsusan_gw
    6 years ago

    Asclepias "Hello Yellow"

    Asclepias verticillata

    Alliums (ornamental)

    Calibrachoa (million bells), petunias, supertunias


    Sweet peppers (any; fish peppers, shishito)

    Agastache rupestris, cana, Arizona, hybrids-any non-blue or white flowered

    Anemone 'Mona Lisa"

    Balloon flower Astra Double any color

    Begonia (tuberous, any)

    Berlandiera lyrata (chocolate flower)

    Coleus (any)

    Columbine (large flowered, spurred)


    Dianthus (perennial)


    Geranium (annual or perennial; have dark pink sanguineum)

    Impatiens (especially double flowered)


    Marigold (large flowered)

    Vinca (annual Catharanthus rosea)

    Zinnias (Zahara, profusion, magellan, large flowered, threadleaf)


    Gladiolus (small flowered, species) or other bulbs for zone 8

    Crambe (sea kale; cordifolia or maritima)

    Sedum (sunsparkler series, dazzleberry series, party series, dark leaved, or other new varieties)

    Eryngium (sea holly)

    Echinops (globe thistle)

    Salvias-perennial in zone 8 (such as reptans, penstemonoides, pozo blue, Caradonna)

    Your favorite heat tolerant annual or perennial flower




  • intelkid
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago
    1. Angel's Trumpets "White" or "Red" (Brugmansia Suaveolens)
    2. Bird of Paradise
    3. Anemone
    4. COSMOS Red (Tetra Versailles), Seashells
    5. Desert Rose "Black Emperor"
    6. Plumeria (Plumeria pudica) Bloom Color: White/Near White
    7. Festuca "Powder Blue"
    8. Fuchsia "Blue Eyes"
    9. Iceplant "Starburst" (Delosperma floribunda)
    10. Japanese Blood Grass (Imperata Cylindrica 'Rubra')
    11. Jasmine "Tuscan Blue"
    12. Cosmos Chocolate or any
    13. Amaryllis
    14. Strobilanthes Persian Shield
    15. Neanthe Bella Palm - Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)
    16. Passion Flower "Blue"
    17. Oxblood Lilies (Rhodophiala bifida)
    18. Sensitive Plant / Touch-Me-Not (Mimosa Pudica)
    19. Telegraph Plant aka Semaphore Plant (Codariocalyx Motorius)
    20. Colorado Lily
    21. Dahlia - 'Red Pygmy' "Deep Red", "Bishop of Auckland", "Dahlia Collarette" 'Pooh' "Red & Yellow", "Black Beauty"
    22. Gladiolus "Arabian , Blue, White"
    23. Ice Plant
    24. Mandevilla
    25. Columbine
    26. Rosemary
    27. Giant Starfish Flower (Stapelia Gigantea)
    28. Oxblood Lilies (Rhodophiala bifida)
    29. Dwarf variety anything
    30. Any plants and bulbs and any kind listed here is fine too. :)
  • hibiscusfan -Northwest Ohio
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    1. Hardy coreopsis

    2. Poppies

    3. Hardy named hibiscus

    4. Daisy-yellows-crazy-Belgium Lace

    5. Maples-Crimson King-Japaneese

    6. Butterfly Bush

    7. Penstemon-esp. Firecracker or any other. Have Husker Red.

    8. Monarda-reds and pinks.

    9. Tall Zinnias

    10 .Verbascum-no whites

    11. Lavender


    13. Scabiosa-no white

    14. Red Helenium

    15. Perennial Geranium

    16. Guara

    17. Montauk daisy-fresh seed


    19. Echinacea-no purple

    20.Himalayan blue poppy

    21.Stokes aster

    22.Coleus-any but rainbow


    24.Calendula-coffee cream-solar flashback-sunset bluff-Bronzed beauty-any

    25.Any perennials for zone 5-6

    26.Flower and herb surprises

    27. Cactus

    28. Angelonia


  • Melody Andersen
    6 years ago


    I know I’m a little late but I just joined this amazing site and wanted to join in!

    I have a garden at my home but I also facilitate the garden at my job. I’m a chef for a preschool, where we grow the majority of our produce! The kids love to help plant, tend and harvest our garden!

    I would love any seeds! Your favorite seed! But I did make a list!

    I can’t wait to send seeds out as secret Santa is my favorite thing to do!!!

    merry Christmas

    carrots lots of colorful ones please


    sweer potatoes


    collard greens









    dwarf fruit baring tree seeds



    black magic roses















    thanks for checking my list out!

    Can’t wait to get to mailing!!

    so excited!!

  • imahappymess
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    My apologies. Here's my (pretty specific) list. I'm an heirloom veggie kinda girl. My flower color palette is purple, pink, white, green, yellow, black. I'm very happy with berry seed if you have it. I like the slow burn.

    1. Your favorite edible or flower.

    2. Red Malabar Spinach

    3. Cosmic Eclipse Tomato

    4. Beauty Berry

    5. Broken colors/Marble 4 o' clock flowers.

    6. Jungle peanuts

    7. Everglades Tomato!!.... please please please, LOL

    8. Astible- White, peach, pick or purple

    9. Schubertii Allium

    10. Aristotle Basil

    11. Jelly Melon

    12. Sugaretti Hybrid Spaghetti Squash

    13. Pink Sky Petunia

    14. Lime Green Petunia

    15. Black Cat Petunia

    16. Bunny Tails!!!!

    17. Ann Raspberry (yellow)

    18. Royalty Raspberry

    19. Crimson Night Raspberry

    20. Toscana Strawberry

    21. Red Bull Brussels Spouts

    22. Clara Mack Wisteria (any white)

    23. Lacy Frills Lavender

    24. Chinese Lantern

    25. Benary's Lime or Tequila Lime Zinnia (Green, but not Envy, I have envy)

    26. Hardy Red Kiwi

    27. Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato

    28. Polka dot plant- white, red or pink, interested in all 3

    29. Wild Luffa (small 3'' fruit)

    30. Saffron Crocus

  • Cl P
    6 years ago

    1) Eucalyptus - Rainbow Gum

    2) Jojoba

    3) Cassabanana - Brazilian Giant

    4) Truffle - White - Hazelnut Ennis

    5) Palm - Acai

    6) Jaboticaba - Giant

    7) Kola Nut

    8) Orchid - Blue

    9) Azalea - Purple

    10) Patchouli

    11) Bayberry - Black Carbon

    12) Jujube - Sherwood

    13) Cinnamon Tree

    14) Cacao Tree

    15) Vanilla Vine

    16) Goji Berries

    17) Lilac

    18) Cherimoya

    19) Javanese Ginger

    20) Pitamgatuba

    21) Wasabi

    22) Nephroletis Exaltata

    23) Seeds of Heaven

    24) Mangosteen Purple

    25) Betel Nut

    26) Jambolan Plum

    27) Sudachi

    28) Yuzu

    29) Bilimbi

    30) Cherimoya

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