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11th Annual Secret Santa Seed Swap WISH LIST ONLY THREAD

5 years ago

This thread is ONLY for WISH LISTS !!! NO socializing or questions PLEASE !

This will make it Easier for everyone to go thru all the wish lists :)


PLEASE send your mailing address to me ASAP ! WITH your screen name Like this... ( DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS ON THE FORUM !!)


Santa Claus

100 Snow Lane

North Pole 00000

ALSO, please let me know if you are a NEWBIE. Newbie for this swap is defined as someone with NO SEEDS to share.

Comments (41)

  • jas_il
    5 years ago

    1. coral bead plant - nertera granadensis
    2. Naked ladies lilly bulbs/seed (Belladonna Lily)
    3. Begonia bossa nova, bloliviensis, any
    4. Petunia any commercial would be great.
    5. Impatience
    6. Alyssum pastel colors or cascading
    7. Peony poppy
    8. coleus any
    9. Dianthus
    10. Marigold pompom style any white/yellow/orange
    11. Coral Bells/Heucheras
    12. Hollyhocks
    13. Disco belle pink/white bicolor hibiscus
    14. Cypress Vine pink, White
    15. Plant with colorful leaves
    16. Swiss Chard
    17. Lettuce any
    18. Basil any
    19. Pole Beans
    20. Pepper ornamental/edible
    21. Tomato any
    22. Eggplant
    23. zinnia
    24. Aquarium plant seeds Egyptian Papyrus (not umbrella palm)
    25. carnivorous plant seeds
    26. Live sphagnum moss or reindeer moss
    27. Angelonia
    28. Red japanese maple lace leaf
    29. Salvia
    30. Crazy Daisy Shasta Daisy or banan cream

    Thank you so much

  • poisondartfrog
    5 years ago

    poisondartfrog's list


    1. White or cream to pale yellow flowering annuals
    2. Burpless Cucumbers
    3. Gourd Lunch Lady, Gremlins, similar.
    4. Tomato, Flathead Monster
    5. Tomato, Goatbag
    6. Breadseed Poppies, Papaver somniferum
    7. Impatiens balsamina, bicolors like Wild Watermelon, Bicolor Rose, Peppermint Sticks
    8. Datura innoxia
    9. Zinnia haageana like Persian Carpet, Jazzy, Sombrero, etc.
    10. Schizanthus sp
    11. Celosia plumosa, feather Celosia
    12. Asarina purpusii (Lophospermum erubescens) Victoria Falls
    13. Lantana horrida aka Lantana urticoides, other Lantanas
    14. Peppers, Bell, Italian, Chili, sweet to medium hot
    15. Limonium sinuatum, Statice
    16. Fuchsia sp
    17. Cuphea
    18. Ageratum, blue, pink, white
    19. Violas, Johnny Jump Ups
    20. Coleus
    21. Ornamental Kale or Cabbage
    22. Salvia elegans, other Salvias
    23. Portulaca, grandiflora or ornamental purslanes like Toucan Scarlet
    24. Agastache pallida, Globetrotter or other Agastache
    25. Variegated Nicotiana tabacum
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    I am very open to anything even empty cards. I love Christmas cards and I think we got 2 last year. Lol I love edibles (especially tomatoes, beans, winter squash and melons). I had a bad year last year and lost most of my herbs ( I have chives, Italian Basil and Parsley) and a lot of my flowers for some reason I have mostly yellows left. I live in East Tennessee, zone 7-8 depending on who you ask, But I also love houseplants and things I bring in the winter. I have acres to fill and welcome anything that you recommend. I am especially looking for odd and unusual edibles and flowers, especially black ones my daughter is working on a Gothic garden. Flowers: Zinnias Amaranths Bee balm coreposis cosmos marigolds I have yellow Dainthus Phlox Poppies Coleus Columbines Daturas or Brugmansia Lantana ( I loved this and mine died) Celosia Red hot Poker Anemones Hollyhocks Nasturtiums Lilys Any bulbs ( I only have yellow daffodils) Edibles Herbs: Basils (I have Italian), Anise, Sage, Thyme (especially wooly or creeping), lemon grass, any I missed Beans: Lima, Fava, Lentils, the long ones, Good Mother stallard, Jacobs Cattle, Calypso, Fort Portal Jade, Runners (Especially Sunset or Painted Lady), Mayflower, Painted Pony Melons: Jenny Lind, Collective Farm Woman, Valencia Winter Melon, Apple, Banana, Bidwell Casaba, Kajari, Tigger and Amish Melon, Mother Mary's Pie White Wonder Watermelon, Golden Midget, Navjo Winter Watermelon, Orange Tendersweet, Moon & Stars. Early Moonbeam Watermelon. But I'm open to any cantaloupe or water melon types. Tomatoes: Any Bumblebee, Isis, Dr Wyche, Pink Accordion, Black Icicle, Chocolate Pear, Paul Robeson, Violet Jasper, Reisetomate, Jersey Devil, Brad's Atomic Grape, Blue Beauty, Cream Sausage, Red Pepper, White Cherry, But I am open to any. I just love tomatoes. Peppers: Orchid, Black Pearl, Fish Varigated and Purple Beauty Pepper. Again I'm open to anything. Squash: Ronde de Nice, Gelber Englischer Custard, scallops, Yugoslavine Finger Fruit, Turbans, Red Warty Thing, Galeus D'Eysines, Candy Roaster, Acorn, Butternut, Cushaw, Iran, Sweet Dumpling, Thelma Sanders Brussel Sprouts Broccoli Cauliflower Lettuces: I have black seeded simpson and Bibb Goji Berry Ground Cherry Prickly Pear Cactus Pumpkin on a Stick Walking Onions Garlic Leeks Spinach Fennel Peas Cucumbers: crystal apple, sikkim cucumber, armenian yard long, Boothebys Blonde, little potato Eggplants: I have Black Beauty Carrots: Odd colors, good growers, Parisienne Gourds: I have Birdhouse wheat rice quinoa Orange Jing Okra Star of David Okra Peas Spinach corn: Any unsual or popcorn types, Indian Berries, Mini Blue or Pink Popcorn, Bloody Butcher, Cherokee White Eage, Oxcacan Green, Bear Paw, Hop McConnell Speckled Please don't let this list give you the opinion that I'm picky. I'm not and I'm very grateful for anything received for the Holidays, even just a kind thought as you read this note. Merry Christmas to everyone. Now I'm off to grant some wishes myself.
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  • dancingbunnyfoofoo
    5 years ago

    1. Bee Balm

    2. Blanketflower (Gaillardia)

    3. Cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis)

    4. Cardinals Guard (Pachystachys coccinea)

    5. Celosia (various kinds)

    6. Cockscomb (various kinds)

    7. Coreopsis

    8. Cosmos

    9. Crocosmia Lucifer

    10. Daylilies

    11. Double Blue Pea Vine (Clitoria ternatea)

    12. Double Tiger Lily

    13. Herbs: Blue basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Red Basil, Rue.

    14. Hummingbird Wildflower Mix

    15. Indian Pink (Spigelia marilandica)

    16. Mallows

    17. Nasturtiums - Variegated, etc.

    18. Nicotiana, Flowering Tobacco

    19. Petunias

    20. Pride of Barbados aka Peacock flower (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)

    21. Red Hot Poker plant (aka Torch Lily)

    22. Red Rocket Russelia (Russelia sarmentosa)

    23. Salvias - looking for all kinds/colors, such as Marvel Rose Salvia

    24. Snapdragon

    25. Standing Cypress (Ipomopsis Rubra)

    26. Tango Hummingbird Mint (Agastache)

    27. Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa)

    28. Wild Carrots

    29. Zinnias (Red)

    30. Anything that attracts Hummingbirds & Butterflies (EXCEPT Trumpet plant)

  • mperria
    5 years ago

    1. Papalo

    2. Sunchokes/ Jerusalem Artichoke

    3. Oriental greens (any)

    4. Snow Peas (any)

    5. Perennials that thrive in full shade

    6. Johnny Jump Ups/ Violas

    7. Strawberries

    8. Colorful Carrots (any color but orange)

    9. Sunberry/Wonderberry

    10. Vegetable Amaranth

    11. Oyster Leaf

    12. Richmond Green Apple Cucumber

    13. Crystal Apple Cucumber

    14. Rosemary

    15. Hardy Kiwi

    16. Pawpaw

    17. Purple or yellow tomatillo

    18. Lemongrass

    19. Lettuce (any)

    20. Hens and Chicks

    21. Garlic

    22. Pineapple Sage

    23. Epazote

    24. Lemon Thyme

    25. French Sorrel

    26. Sweet Cicely

    27. Orange thyme

    28. Siberian Chives

    29. Trionfo Violetto Pole Beans

    30. Arroz con Pollo Pepper

  • audrey_gw
    5 years ago

    Abutilons (flowering maples) with double or striped blooms
    Anemones hardy to zone 5
    Calceolarias other than yellow
    Calendula 'Kinglet,' 'Sunset Buff,' 'Victoria Sunset'
    Chiritas (AKA primulinas) except tamiana
    Corydalis, blue-flowered types, fresh seed
    Cyclamens (hardy and houseplant types)
    Delphinium 'Chocolate,' 'La Boheme,' 'Green Twist,' 'Phantom'
    Dianthus (pinks), heirloom and unusual
    (Hardy) Geraniums with dark-centered, double, or veined blooms
    Gerberas (seeds kept refrigerated)
    Helianthus (sunflowers) with double, semi-double, or dark flowers
    Lisianthus (AKA eustomas)
    Osteospermum 'Copper Purple,' 'Pink Whirls,' 'Whirligig'
    Pansies, ruffled varieties, fresh seed
    Passifloras (passionflowers)
    Pavonia gledhillii , hirticalyx, multiflora
    Rudbeckia 'Aslan,' 'Goldquelle,' 'Radiance'
    Solanum muricatum, welandii
    Streptocarpus (cape primroses)
    Other unusual flowers, herbs, or tropicals

  • cghpnd
    5 years ago
    last modified: 5 years ago

    Recently moved to Florida zone 10a and working on filling in all this land with natives and what grows well here. :)

    Asclepias amplexicaulis (Clasping Milkweed)

    Asclepias cinerea (Carolina milkweed)

    Asclepias connivens (Largeflower milkweed

    Asclepias curtissii (Curtiss' milkweed)

    Asclepias humistrata (Pinewoods milkweed)

    Asclepias rubra (Red milkweed)

    Brussel Sprouts


    Bee BalmCuphea

    Carolina Jessamine

    Chocolate Tree





    Hamelia Patens (Firebush)

    Pineapple Guava

    Scull Cap




    Queen Anne's Lace

    Wild Dagga

    Standing Cypress

    Red Rocket Russelia

    Red Hot Poker plant

    Zamia Pumila (Coontie)


    need to replenish my seed stash so all seeds are welcomed including veggies, herbs and fruits.

    Thank you!

  • sji198173
    5 years ago

    - Sweet Alyssum

    - Petunia waves, cascading, purple vein, bicolor, raspberry ice,

    - Celosia plumosa type

    - Impatiens any or all, bicolor, accent star, cherry splash

    - bromilead

    - Drosera (sundew), pinguicula. venus fly trap

    - Pepper Black pearl or ornamental

    - Coleus

    - baby's breath

    - Carnation/dianthus

    - Hibiscus cherry choco latte, craneberry crush, midnight marvel or similar

    - house plant seeds

    - foxglove

    - Hollyhocks

    - Peony poppy

    - African marigold

    - Lettuce specially red ones

    - Hens n chicks/ hardy cactus

    - Greens veggie

    - Basil

    - Swiss chard

    - Hoya seeds

    - Cherry Tomato, Tumbler tomato

    - trailing plant ivy geranium, dichondra silver falls, Begonia

    - Calibrachoa

  • faerygardener z7 CA
    5 years ago

    Very happy to get cards with no seed in them

    (really, I already have too much to start this year and love holiday cards)!!

    I enjoy these, can always make room for more by direct seeding.

    · Alyssum –white or purple, please no yellow or pink

    · Forget me nots,

    · Flax – red or blue

    · Violas - any

    · California Poppies, Eschscholzia californica (please no Papaver poppies)

    · Linaria.

    Picky, picky, picky … only these varieties of the following please.

    · Aquilegia Columbine (DWARF only)

    · Aubrietia (solid colors, no mixes please)

    · Convolvulus tricolor 'WhiteEnsign'

    · Kalimeris incise (blues, not whites)

    · Phacelia campanularia, desert bluebells, California-bluebell

    · Verbascum Southern Charm

    · Verbena Tuscany White

    Again, love empty cards - I have more than enough seed to share and to start.


  • dirtdaddy
    5 years ago

    DirtDaddys WISH list!



    grapette tomatoe

    cherry tomatoes


    snap peas

    collard greens

    peppers, habeneros, scotch bonnets, pepperconcini

    herbs, basil and parsley!


  • Melinda Hagen
    5 years ago
    last modified: 5 years ago

    Moved from 2 1/2 acres of flowers into an apt. Most flowers couldn't come.I have small area of shade and sun.

    Annuals for containers

    Veggies for containers

    Cosmos-- any newer ones, no orange

    Zinnias-- any and all, esp. Persian carpet

    Small penstemon, salvia, and agastache for containers

    Whatever would work in containers





    Surprise me!

  • heavenlyfarm
    5 years ago

    My wish list:

    1. Geum

    2. Peaches N Dreams Hollyhocks ( I lost mine, tried to grow from seed last year but they all didn't come up sadly....)

    3. Tutti Fruitti Lupine

    4. Double Hollyhocks

    5. White Marigolds

    6. Carnations

    7. Perennial Forget me Nots

    8. White Liatris

    9. Valerian officinalis

    10. Onion seeds

    11. Formosa Lily

    12. Noble Maiden Lupine

    13. Perennial Poppies

    14. Xanthos Cosmos

    15. White False Indigo

    16. Jacob Cline Bee Balm

    17. Canterbury Bells Cup & Saucer or Triple Bloom ones

    18. 'Venus' Poppy

    19. Double Cosmos

    20. Creeping Phlox

    21. Perennial Phlox

    22. Scabiosa/Pincushion

    23. Fordhook Tall Snapdragons

    24. Peach colored Snapdragons

    25. Veronica

    26. 'Tudor' Zinnia

    27. Yellow Butterfly Bush

    Thank you everyone! :) Enjoy your Holidays!


  • Michelle Reynolds
    5 years ago

    My wish list

    1 Oat grass

    2. Kale

    3. Sage

    4. Parsley

    5. Basil sweet

    6. Lemon balm

    7. Marigold

    8. Sunflower

    9. Cosmos

    10. Coneflowers

    11. Columbine

    12. Verbena bonasrious

    13. Agastachie

    Open to most easy to grow flowers.

    Like anything popular with Caterpillars, have common milkweed but open to tropical, or swamp milkweed.

  • val (MA z6)
    5 years ago

    --Strawberry spinach

    --Any perennial with variegated foliage

    --Asters: Needle or Seastar varieties

    --Siberian bellflowers


    --Sunrise Lupine (Lupinus hartwegii)

    --Rooguchi clematis

    --Alternanthera Little Ruby, Purple Prince

    --Butter/Light yellow Shasta daisies like "Real dream"

    --Calendula: Lemon Cream, Sunset Buff, Oopsy Daisy, Orange King, Snow Princess, Dawn Apricot

    --Torenia/Wishbone flower

    --Poppies including Fruit Punch, Pizzicato, Haremstraum, Cherry Glow Breadseed, Giant Double Peony Candy Floss or Mix, Black Swan, Drama Queen, Coral Reef, “They Giant”, Violetta Blush.

    --Pineapple Sage

    --Unusual Centaurea Montana (perennial , ie Amethyst Dream, Amethyst in Snow, Perennial Butterfly)

    --Maltese cross "dawn sky"

    --Lobelia (Perennial) any pink/rose or peach/salmon or purple variety (ie Starship Rose, Salmon)

    --Rudbeckia Varieties with full/double (not single) blooms: Ruby Ruby, Moroccan Sun, Cherokee Sunset -- and Green Wizard

    --Sunflowers: Elf,Bashful, Crimson Blaze, Firecatcher, Apricot Twist, Cherry Rose, Lemon Eclair, Floristan, Starburst Blaze, and/or other dwarf Sunflowers

    --Veronica Aztec Gold

    --Lemon Grass

    -- 'Amber Wheels' Gaillardia

    --Climbing Hydrangea


  • bxncbx
    5 years ago

    --Any dwarf (under 12") flowers are appreciated.

    --Any blue, purple, white or pale pink flowers


    --Claytonia virginica

    --Geraniums, annual or perennial (just grew the annual ones this year and was amazed at how well they did!)

    -- Geum







    --Pansies (no blotches please!)




    --Statice (Limonium)

    --Stocks (Matthiola)

    --Sweet Peas

  • fommy15
    5 years ago

    Send me your favorite vegetable/flower? I love surprises. I try and throw a few extra in all my cards. But here is a general list of what I would love!


    1 Broccoli (good early season variety with large head)

    2 carrots

    3 stupice tomato

    4 Huge Pumpkins

    5 radish

    6 short season corn

    7 Onions (long storage life or giant onions)

    8 amarylla tomatillo

    9 beets

    10 stevia

    11 lettuce/spinach

    12 Kohlrabi

    13 short season peanut


    12 Begonia

    13 Impatiens

    14 Violas, Johnny Jump Ups

    15 Portulaca

    16 geranium

    17 Hens and Chicks

    18 clematis

    19 Lobelia

    20 You favorite perennial

  • pinkiris
    5 years ago
    last modified: 5 years ago

    anything that blooms in the colors red, white, or pink, or neon colors

    anything variegated

    anything miniature/dwarf

    anything heat/drought tolerant

    anything with dark flowers and/or foliage

    anything tropical

    dwarf project tomatoes

    sunflowers ...dwarfs, reds, darks, unusual

    hot peppers ... the hotter the better!



    lavender - reds, whites, pinks, blues

    any lilys


    sea holly

    forget me not - looking for pink







    winter squash



    Japanese Morning Glory




    your favorite flower, veggie or herb

  • PRO
    5 years ago
    last modified: 5 years ago

    I'm in zone 8b

    I love surprises ........

    My wish list:


    Dr. Wyche

    Kelloggs Breakfast

    Paul Robeson

    Climbing Trip-L-Crop

    Amish Paste

    Pink Oxheart

    Wild Boar Farm Blue berries

    Wild Boar Farm Blue gold berries

    Napa Chardonnay Blush

    Barrys Crazy Cherry

    Sweetie Cherry

    Indigo Apple


    Beauty King

    Dancing with Smurfs

    Abe Lincoln



    Mirasol Chili

    Arroz con Pollo

    California Wonder

    Midnight Dreams

    Corbaci Sweet

    Sweet Marconi

    Red Fish Pepper

    Pineapple Ground Cherries


    Clemson Spineless

    Texas Hill Country


    Black beauty

    Ping Tung


    Purple Hull Pink Eye Cowpea


    Red and Green Chinese Noodle Beans

    Trionfo Violetto

    Tanyas Pink Pod


    Sugar Magnolia Tendril Peas


    Parisian Pickling

    Armenian White

    National Pickling Cucumber


    Caserta Summer

    Ronde de Nice Summer

    Pattison Golden Marbre

    Buttercup Winter




    French Breakfast

    Crimson Giant

    Purple Plum



    Cosmic Purple

    Danvers Half long



    Marvel of Four Seasons



    Blue Curled Scotch

    Nero di Toscano (Dino)








    All Culinary basics Holy



    Lemon Balm

    Any seed will be greatly appreciated. This is my will list for spring. They are not in any order. I have none of these. Thank you ......

  • l1oness
    5 years ago

    I love surprises, and would love to try your favorite vegetable or flower!

    Polish Earl’s Tomato

    Razzle Dazzle Tomato

    Sweet peppers (not green)

    Beans – Climbing

    Beans – French filet style



    Brussel Sprouts

    Black Eyed Susan



    Bee Balm

    Lobelia cardinalis/cardinal flower

    Monarda fistulosa/Wild Bergamont

    SunDrops/Oenothera fruticose

    Purple Coneflower




    Any seeds for a good salad

    Fragrant herbs

    Dwarf plants of any type (fruit/veggie/flower)

  • jlhart76
    5 years ago

    1. Tomatoes, especially colors other than red

    2. Peppers

    3. Carrots, especially non orange ones

    4. Beans

    5. Peas

    6. Cucumber, any

    7. Rosemary

    8. Lavender

    9. Basil, all kinds

    10. Mints

    11. Eucalyptus

    12. Medicinal herbs

    13. Edible herbs

    14. Zinnia

    15. Cosmos (have plenty of orange)

    16. 4:00s

    17. Clematis

    18. Canna

    19. Daylily

    20. Iris

    21. Salvias - any

    22. Ornamental grasses

    23. Columbine

    24. Anything that does well in dry shade

    25. Lily - any

  • lexiegurl09
    5 years ago

    Hi everyone,

    Here is my wishlist:

    1. Tomatoes (any and all)

    2. Peppers (sweet and mild ones)

    3. Beans

    4. Cowpeas

    5. Okra

    6. Watermelons and cantaloupe

    7. Lettuce

    8. Cabbage

    9. Collards

    10. Cucumbers

    11. Radish

    12. Turnips/Rutabaga

    13. Carrots

    14. Celery

    15. Eggplant

    16. Pretty much any other veggie except honeydew melon and squash

    17, chrysanthemum

    18. Any surprises, I love trying any and everything!


  • Dan Coates
    5 years ago
    last modified: 5 years ago

    I lost all my seeds when I moved, so I'm starting over. I'd appreciate anything to help get my gardens growing again! Here's my list:

    1. Cosmos

    2. Coneflowers

    3. Marigolds

    4. Zinnias

    5. Coleus

    6. Iris

    7. Columbine

    8, Hollyhocks

    9. Snapdragons

    10. Mint

    11. Oregano

    12, Thyme

    13. Sage

    14. Nasturtiums

    15. Morning Glories

    16, Morning Glories (yes, I know I've listed them twice. That's how much I love'em!)

    17. Petunias

    18. Alyssum

    19, Dianthus

    20 Pumpkins

    21. Gourds

    22. Sedum, sedum, sedum

    23. Sunflowers

    24. Sweetpeas

    25. Cactus

    26. Japanese Maple

    27. Bee Balm

    28. Foxglove

    29. Black-eyed Susans

    30. Surprise me!


  • Karen Holt
    5 years ago

    After reading all these, my list changed somewhat, lol. Thanks for some great ideas ya'll!

    1. Petunias, any. Love the grandifloras, millifloras and picobellas.

    2. Sunflowers, any

    3. Coneflowers, any

    4. Lupine, any

    5. Coleus, any except rainbow. I have tons of that.

    6. Geraniums, any

    7. Stock

    8. Voilas/Pansies

    9. Vinca, any

    10. Strawberries

    11. Peppers

    12. Tomatoes

    13. Drought tolerant plants

    14. Shade plants

    15. Salvias

    16. Begonias

    17. Snapdragons

    18. Nasturtiums

    19. Any red, white, cream or purple flowers

    20. Surprise me!

  • paulan70
    5 years ago

    Hello everyone. I have had a few bad years of collecting seeds so my collection is somewhat limited but my wishlist is huge. I am currently fighting a cold but hopefully I can remember the seeds I would like. Thank you

    Ok here goes

    1. columbine

    2. petunias any but would love wave kind and and cascading types. Never met a petunia I didnt like.

    3. daylilies

    4. perennial hibisicus

    5. coleus the more colorful the better

    6. lupine any

    7. larkspur

    8. black cherry, cherry tomato

    9. Impatiens

    10. Zinnias profusion series

    11. zinnia

    12 red hot pokers

    13. Shade plants

    14. hummingbird support plants

    15. verbena

    16. surprise me

  • patrob
    5 years ago

    My wish list:







    Butterfly Pea Vine









    Japanese Morning Glory

    Lantana (red)






    Phlox paniculata (tall phlox)




    Shasta Daisy

    Snapdragon (tall)



  • appalachian sasquatch (TN zone 7)
    5 years ago

    hi, I'm a newbie. Hope it's not too late to add to this thread! Zone 7.

    Wish List:

    -Creeping Thyme

    -any sedums/stonecrops, especially cold tolerant varieties

    -white or blue phlox

    -any milkweeds

    -Joe Pye weed

    -Evening Primrose


    -any Clematis

    -I'm interested in anything great for pollinators



    -Lemon Cucumber

    -Hot Pepper (anyone have Carolina Reaper?)



    -cherry/grape Tomatoes, other Tomatoes, any Tomatoes



    -Garlic Chives and/or Chives if possible

  • SusieQsie_Fla
    5 years ago

    My Wish List
















    Marguerite Daisy


    Morning Glory

    Painted Daisy








    Anything butterflies and hummers love

    Anything you love and have to share

    Anything for shade

  • hibiscusfan -Northwest Ohio
    5 years ago
    last modified: 5 years ago

    Agastache any reds or pinks hardy to zone 6

    Aquilegia-any spurred

    Aster- esp. Wonder of Staffa-September Ruby-Stokes

    Anemone-hardy to zone 6



    Baptisia-have blue



    Butterfly Bush



    Penstemon-any esp. firecracker

    Verbascum-esp.Violtta and Southern Charm


    Sempervivum-esp-Hens and Chicks



    Echinacea-have common purple

    Zinna-esp.-Cactus-Zinderella Series-Queen Series

    Cosmos-any but orange

    Monarda-reds and pinks


    Osteospermum-esp Sky and Ice

    Vinca minor

    Perennial Geranium

    Snapdragons-esp. bi colored

    Tomatoes for zone 6


    Any flower surprises

  • Iris ( ranegrow ) z7 Maryland
    5 years ago

    1. any dwarf flower

    2. leeks

    3. any zucchini

    4.any basil

    5.any zinnia, esp profusion

    6.japanese maple


    8.your favorite perennial flower

    9.any beefsteak tomato

    10.your favorite heirloom flower

    11. any salvia



    14. pansy




    18.canterbury bells


    20. sunflowers, any except mammoth

    21.bok choy

    22.cucumbers chard





    28.thyme eyed susan vine


  • PaperFinch
    5 years ago

    Wish List:

    1. ANY lily

    2. Gerber Daisy

    3. Japanese Maple

    4. ANY zinnia

    5. Heirloom beans (any – but I
    LOVE Calypso)

    6. ANY oriental greens (Love bok choy)

    7. ANY hostas

    8. Saffron Crocus bulbs

    9. Belladonna Lily (Naked Lily)

    10. ANY Succulents

    11 ANY Shade Perennial seeds, plants, tubers, divisions,

    12 Sensitive Plant

    13. Dancing Plant (Codariocalyx motorius)

    14. Lemon Mint

    15. Lemon Basil

    16. Winter Squash, Triamble

    17. Winter Squash, Long Island Cheese

    18. Tomato, Brandywine (Sudduth’s Strain)

    19. Pepper, Peter Pepper

    20. Pepper, Cherry Bomb

    21. Snapdragon (any)

    22. Bergamot

    23. Berries (any)

    24. Lemongrass

    25. Anything that hangs/cascades

    26. Milkweed

    27. Echinacea Purpurea

    28. Jasmine

    29. Purple Fountain Grass

    30. Tuberose

    *** Anything blue/purple/orange/yellow would be amazing ***

  • amberroses
    5 years ago

    This year I'd love to be surprised with anything, but in particular I love growing the following (all colors, sizes, hybrid/heirloom, etc..):

    1. Tomatoes

    2. Zinnias

    3. Melons

    4. Squash

    5. Gourds

    6. Peas

    8. Beans

    9. Herbs

    10. Peppers

    11. Poppies (I'm a zone pusher )

    12. Anything else that is rare, unusual, tasty, beautiful, heat tolerant, tough, historical or any combination of these.

    Merry Christmas all!

  • canyonwind
    5 years ago

    I am always happy with anything you send my way.......


    Calendula...any new varieties


    Swiss Chard

    miniature pumpkins

    National Pickling Cucumber (commercial)

    Productive slicing Cucumber (commercial)

    Habanero (commercial)

    Jalapeno (commercial)


    Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans (commercial, if possible)

    Passion Flower Vine


    Rudebeckia named if the large flower RUDS

    Gaillardia named if possible....always love Gaillardia Lorenzium


    Drought tolerant

    a bright red or pink or any color (not brown) fountain grass if there is such a thing




    Creeping Thyme

    Large Leaf Lettuce Basil

    Riesentraube Cherry Tomato (commercial)

    Neves Azorean Tomato (commercial)

    P & J Ellis Tomato (commercial)

    Love surprises

    Thanks so muc!!

    Merry, Merry Christmas!!!!!


  • primrose1x3
    5 years ago

    Many of the groundcovers/living mulches/perennial tapestries that once clothed my garden have by now been stolen or otherwise removed, so I'd love to have seeds of easily direct-sown flowers, herbs and/or vegetables that can be kept to 3' or lower with which to cover the ground. There are short or dwarf forms of many flowers that Celia Thaxter grew in her island garden off the coast of New Hanpshire(?) in a diagram of her garden, accompanied by a list of her flowers here:

    Anything from her garden or similar that might help keep weeds down would be much appreciated. Some suggestions are:

    Asters - ones like tiger paws? other?

    Coreopsis - threadleaf

    Cosmos - dwarfs, like Popsocks etc

    Dianthus like "Picotee Pinks (D. chinensis x D. barbatus in our time), Sweet William

    Helianthus angustifolius(sp?) - Willow Leaf Sunflower - leaves are slender like willow leaves - not in Celia's garden, but she would have loved this if she had known about it - not all floppers welcome on my slopes, but this one would be wonderful

    anything blue and spikey like larkspur, but doesn't expire because of Maryland summer heat & humidity

    Anything attractive to hummingbirds, butterflies, bees

    Mallows including malva, althea (dwarf), etc.

    Marigolds- any - like Tagetes tenuifolia(sp?) - Cottage Red

    Mignonette (Reseda odorata)

    Poppies - Eschscholzia like 'Rose Chiffon', Papaver alpinus, P. nudicaule(sp?), P. paeoniflorum

    Silene - any

    Zinnia - low growing - Chippendale? disease resistant like Profusions, haageana, Zahara

    If all goes well, I'm hoping this will approximate my New England grandmother's garden of long ago

  • nottougly
    5 years ago

    Here is my list:

    1. Gourds

    2. Gourds

    3. and even more Gourds

    4. any vines

    5. Catchfly

    6. Morning glory

    7. sunflowers

    8. Balsam, Peppermint Sticks

    9. Bee Balm, Fantasy

    10. Coneflower, Secret Glow

    11. Four O'clocks, Marbles Mixed

    12. Grass Seeds, Ponytails, Mexican Feather any and all

    13. Helichrysum, Silver Mist

    14. Marigold, Court Jester

    15. Marigold, France's Choice

    16. Marigold, Vanilla Cream French

    17. Nasturtium, Alaska Red Shades

    18. Rudbeckia, Spotlight

    19. Salvia, Blue

    20. Sedum Seeds

    21. Sunflower, Orange Ruffles

    22. Sunflower, Razzmatazz

    23. Zinnias

    24. Gourds

    25. Gourds

  • intelkid
    5 years ago
    last modified: 5 years ago

    1. Angel's Trumpets "White" or "Red" (Brugmansia Suaveolens)
    2. Bird of Paradise
    3. Anemone
    4. COSMOS Red (Tetra Versailles), Seashells
    5. Desert Rose "Black Emperor"
    6. Plumeria (Plumeria pudica) Bloom Color: White/Near White
    7. Festuca "Powder Blue"
    8. Fuchsia "Blue Eyes"
    9. Iceplant "Starburst" (Delosperma floribunda)

    1. Japanese Blood Grass (Imperata Cylindrica 'Rubra')
    2. Jasmine "Tuscan Blue"
    3. Cosmos Chocolate
    4. Amaryllis
    5. Strobilanthes Persian Shield
    6. Neanthe Bella Palm - Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)
    7. Passion Flower "Blue"
    8. Oxblood Lilies (Rhodophiala bifida)
    9. Sensitive Plant / Touch-Me-Not (Mimosa Pudica)
    10. Telegraph Plant aka Semaphore Plant (Codariocalyx Motorius)
    11. Colorado Lily
    12. Dahlia - 'Red Pygmy' "Deep Red", "Bishop of Auckland", "Dahlia Collarette" 'Pooh' "Red & Yellow", "Black Beauty"
    13. Gladiolus "Arabian , Blue, White"
    14. Bamboo
    15. Mandevilla
    16. Columbine
    17. Rosemary
    18. Giant Starfish Flower (Stapelia Gigantea)
    19. Oxblood Lilies (Rhodophiala bifida)
    20. Dwarf variety anything
    21. Bachelor Button
    22. Any plants and bulbs and any kind listed here is fine too. Surprises are welcomed.
  • brittneysgran
    5 years ago

    My list:

    1. Bee Balm

    2. Campion

    3. Clematis

    4. Cockscomb

    5. Corkscrew Vine

    6. Dianthus

    7. Four O' Clocks

    8. Gomphrena

    9. Gourd - Big Apple

    10. Gourd - Penguin

    11. Hyacinth Bean Vine

    1. Lisianthus

    2. Millet - Purple Majesty

    3. Nigella

    4. Pansies - Big Blooms

    5. Penstemon

    6. Peonies

    7. Petunia - Purple Pirouette

    8. Pitcher Plant

    9. Snapdragons

    10. Stevia

    11. Strawflower

    12. Sunflower - Sunspot

    13. Sunflower - Waooh

    14. Ornamental Cabbage

  • mcc371
    5 years ago

    My wish list-









    corn salad

    Any type of vegetable that can be canned.






    Lemon verbena


    scented geraniums

    Any Herbs are welcome.

    blue evening primrose (wanted badly)






    Giant Football Mums (wanted badly!!)

    tropicanna Canna Lily

    canna lily




    Johnny jump ups

    Hope everyone has a blessed Merry Christmas.


  • Lisa in Tennessee
    5 years ago

    I just realized my wish list didn't post. Now I don't know whether to post it because I'm in or if I missed the cut off. Please advise. Thanks.

  • flwrs4ever62
    Original Author
    5 years ago

    Lisa, repost your list

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    5 years ago

    I signed up lat week but see my wish list didnt post.




    flowers in blue

    flowers in orange

    flowers cream

    japanese morning glories

    oriental poppies

    Happy holidays to all!


  • Lisa in Tennessee
    5 years ago

    I would be very happy for anything you send even an empty card.

    1. Roselle or Zinger hibiscus, the one you make tea with.

    2. Crazy Daisy

    3. Skull Cap Flower

    4. Lantana

    5. Butterfly Pea Vine

    6. Coleus, any the prettier the better :)

    7. Any Dwarf Tomato

    8. Climbing Trip-L-crop Tomato

    9. Dr. Wyche's Yellow Tomato

    10. Opalka Tomato

    11. Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato

    12. Napa Chardonay Blush tomato

    13. Lemon Grass

    14. Pineapple Ground Cherry

    15. Apple Gourd

    16. Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce

    17. Little Potato Cucumber

    18. Suyo Long Cucumber

    19. Poona Khera Cucumber

    20. Dostal Cucumber Squash

    21. Any lettuce (I'm looking to find the best tasting lettuces this year)

    22. Any Noodle Beans

    23. Tonya s Pink Pod Bean

    24. Asparagus Pea

    25. Sugar Magnolia Tendril Peas

    26. Nasturtium especially black

    27. Pink Flowered Black Eyed Susan Vine

    28. Lao Green Striped Eggplant

    29. Ping Tung Long Eggplant

    30. Your favorite anything,