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I'm feeling VERY sorry for myself...

4 years ago

Three weeks ago, I had to go have a test for my GERD which is no longer being well controlled with prescription meds. I had had this before and assumed it was the same test - a small transmitter put down endoscopically, a monitor carried for 48 hrs, and then returned to the doctor. Transmitter so small it just passes - no big deal

Well, to my surprise, I was to have TWO tests and they were totally unlike the first. With the first test, they put a tube (about the size of oxygen tubing) through my nose and down my throat to where the esophagus meets the stomach. It's a surprisingly long distance! Getting it down was awful - nurse numbed my nose but I have nasal polyps and she kept hitting them and it hurt. One sips water through a straw to ease it going down the throat. It took a LONG time to get this thing all the way down. Then I had to lie on my side and take 10 sips of water, each 30 seconds apart. Then I had to take 10 sips of liquid jello - heinous flavors! - 30 seconds apart. It felt like this took forever and while not painful, was very uncomfortable. When it's over, it's like removing a bandaid - pull it out in my quick movement. Again, not painful but uncomfortable.

Then, the nurse told me there was a 2nd part. A smaller tube with all sorts of miniaturized sensors, would again be put down, and this time it would be hooked up to a monitor that I would have to carry for 24 hrs. They tape the tube to ones nose, and behind the ear. Really? How does this work with an oxygen cannula (it doesn't comfortably!). And how do I get my sweater off tonight? Apparently, I will be sleeping in my clothes! She tried and tried, but kept hitting those polyps, which made them more and more inflamed which made them swell and be hit more with each attempt. After 20 minutes of this, I suggested we call it a day and try another day, after an Aleve and some Sudafed. First apt was today. She managed to again irritate the polyp by "testing" to see if the nose-numbing agent had worked. This is done by poking a 10 inch long Q-tip up ones nose! And of course, she hit the polyp. She numbed it some more. I told her it wasn't hurting due to lack of numbing, but because she was hitting the polyp. She didn't seem to "get" that idea. Finally, she got the thing down.

Now, to live with it. It's taped to my nose, on my cheek, and on my neck behind my ear. I cannot comfortably wear my oxygen cannula - fortunately I only need it when I go out of the house. I usually sleep with it but only on 1 litter so I can forgo that tonight. But the danged thing is uncomfortable as all get out. It just hurts as since my nasal passage is now so inflamed.

Doing my inhaled saline with a face mask, was "interesting". And the percussion vest kept causing the tape to fall off which meant the tube was being slightly pulled on which hurts. I will do one tonight but will wait tomorrow to have the darned thing removed. It has to stay in for 20-24 hrs. Sneezing is painful. Coughing is painful, swallowing is painful - all in my nose. And the danged monitor interferes with the Wifi on my computer - I had to put the thing way behind me to even get my computer to work.

I'm supposed to sleep only one flat pillow tonight (I sleep on 2 fluffy ones due to GERD) and kept under the pillow - too big a risk of it falling off the bedside table and pulling out. I can't wait...

I HATE this...

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