Guess my other post was not interesting...

lisaw2015 (ME)
3 years ago

Let me try this one.

My former boss was from WV and the company I worked for was based there. When she came to Maine, as she did a couple times per year, we would get such a chuckle out of the regional differences in language use & lingo.

Example: we call a long wooden sled, without runners, that seats up to 10 or so people a toboggan. In WV, that's a hat! Isn't that a hoot?

We have fruit flies this time of year & she called them gnatties, lol!

She said that people with well water were considered poor folk, only the wealthy could have town water.....huh? Who would want chlorinated town water?

I also was thinking recently about how many different names we have for a sandwich on a long roll filled with meat cheese & veggies. Hero, Hoagie, Sub, Italian, Grinder? We call it an Italian unless it's hot, then we call it a hoagie. Or if it's from Subway, obviously it's a sub.

What cultural/regional differences are you aware of & find interesting or funny?

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